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Innovations '98 from Lexicon

   If you've been in any major studio anywhere in the country — or even the world, for that matter — you've probably seen Lexicon gear. Year after year, the products released by the company quickly become industry standards, and Lexicon's reputation just keeps on growing.

   Believe it or not, the company wasn't founded to make studio owners, musicians and engineers happy. Lexicon, Inc. was actually founded in 1969 by MIT Professor Dr. Francis Lee, who had developed a digital delay unit
The PCM 81 Digital Effects Processor (top) and PCM 91 Reverb
The PCM 81 Digital Effects Processor (top) and PCM 91 Reverb
for heartbeat monitoring! (Bet you can't wait to hit everyone at the next engineer's cocktail party with that bit of trivia.) Luckily for us, the company's big breakthrough product was their development of the 224, the world's first commercially viable digital reverb system, which was shown at the AES Convention in 1978 and shipped the following year. The 224 remained an industry standard until the introduction of its successor, the Model 480L, which is still the top of the Lexicon reverb line.

   Still, you can't expect such a progressive company to rest solely upon its past accomplishments. So now, in 1998, Lexicon has actually upgraded two of its most popular digital effects processors and introduced a software version of its most impressive reverbs. The PCM 81 Digital Effects Processor ($2995 list) has everything that made the PCM 80 the top choice among studio effects processors — and more: More effects, more algorithms, longer delays, and full AES/EBU ins and outs. Each effect has an uncompromised stereo reverb with several
Lexiverb for Pro Tools sports a great-looking user interface
Lexiverb for Pro Tools sports a great-looking user interface
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voices of additional effects available. A full complement of Pitch Shifters provides doubling, quadruple-tracking, chorus, and pitch correction within a range of up to three octaves (up or down in one cent increments), as well as unique special effects. 300 presets give you instant access to pitch, reverb, ambience, sophisticated modulators, 20-second stereo delays and dynamic spatialization effects for stereo or surround sound.

   The PCM 81 actually features two digital signal processors: Lexicon's proprietary Lexichip, which runs the silky-smooth reverbs, and a second DSP engine to handle all the other effects. With 24-bit processing, true stereo signal path, balanced analog ins and outs, full AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital I/O and extensive modulation capabilities, the PCM 81 offers an enormous range of studio quality effects and the capacity to store up to nearly 800 presets.

   The PCM 91 Digital Reverberator ($2995 list) offers Lexicon's highest quality reverbs in a compact, affordable package with a powerful interface Lexicon Lexiverbwhich allows both easy access and a wealth of programming capabilities for the sound designer. All of the features of the highly-acclaimed PCM 90 are included, plus AES/EBU ins and outs, Dual Reverb algorithms and many all-new presets with dynamic spatialization effects.450 presets provide sounds for real-world applications— and a unique KeyWord search and sort function allows you to find the preset you want fast by application (i.e. vocals, drums, etc.). Built right in is a full compendium of Lexicon's "greatest hits" — the best reverb algorithms of the last decade including Random Hall, Random Ambience, Rich Plate, Concert Hall and Split Chamber. A front panel Adjust knob is automatically attached to one or more of the parameters you're likely to want to change in each preset without ever going into the Edit mode. Balanced analog XLR and 1/4" inputs and outputs are standard, as well as S/PDIF and AES/EBU I/O.

   Those of you who want the legendary Lexicon reverb in software form for Pro Tools are going to love this next product. LexiVerb is a TDM-compatible software plug-in that combines that true, world-class Lexicon reverb with 24-bit DSP processing and a powerful user interface. LexiVerb supports Pro Tools 4.0 automation and LexiVerb parameter groupings (Macros), which offer complete control over the individual parameters that comprise the legendary "Lexicon Sound." Four stunning algorithms — Chamber, Plate, Inverse and Gate — are available via 100 presets. The plug-in can be used in either mono or stereo configurations. Each algorithm is displayed as a wire diagram, complete with pop-up faders. As many as eight faders can be simultaneously assigned to a Soft Row to provide immediate access to the appropriate parameter adjustment.

   Want to know more? Want to put one of these classic processors in your rack or right in your computer? Want to stop apologizing (finally) for the sound of your existing reverb? We thought so. We can make Lexicon ownership more affordable than ever before. So call your Sweetwater Sales engineer now for more information and special pricing on these great Lexicon products.

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