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Digital Mulltitracker
Fostex FD-4

Fostex FD-4    Would it surprise you to know that not every-one needs or wants eight or more tracks of digital audio? It's true! Often less is really more: Faster, more intuitive, easier to use. The new four-track Fostex FD4 Digital Multitracker is just what the doctor ordered for those of you who want flexibility and infinite choices along with your 16-bit, CD-quality audio, all at a list price of just $599.

   See, the FD4 doesn't ship with any internal media. Does that sound weird? No, it's actually a pretty cool concept. Think about how fast the world of digital information storage has changed lately. Makes your head spin, doesn't it? Why commit to something that will be ancient history next year? Why pay big bucks for something that will cost you a fraction of the price in a month or two? Something to think about, isn't it?

   That's exactly what the product designers at Fostex did: They gave it a lot of thought and decided to build a multitrack recorder with four input channels, two Aux sends, dual stereo Aux returns, two balanced XLR mic inputs with trim controls and a 3-band EQ on every channel. All for less than you would have paid for a multitrack cassette deck a few years ago… but without a hard disk! Those radicals.

   What this means is that you can connect the FD4 to absolutely any SCSI or IDE hard drive of your choice thanks to its built-in SCSI-II interface. Or any removable media (Iomega Zip, SyQuest EZFlyer, etc.). Or anything the industry releases later this year or next. Now record on dual Virtual Tracks for extra takes, rehearsals, mastering and additional choices at mixdown. Edit your material entirely within the digital domain: Cut, copy, move or erase with full undo/redo convenience. Hey, random access editing is the choice of pros around the world — why live without it?

   Ahh, this is starting to make sense, isn't it? But we're not done yet. The FD4 even allows you to input digital audio from any two-track source (like a CD, a DAT recorder, your computer, just to name a few). You even get a two track digital output — standard (a costly add-on with some other digital recorders). What's more, you can take the FD4 out of its box and start recording almost immediately. There's no ridiculous learning curve. And wouldn't you rather be making music rather than spending weeks studying a manual written by some genius that doesn't understand how a musician's mind works (and often doesn't know how to communicate in English, either).

   If you're ready to start creating some excellent music with the stunning clarity that only digital recording can offer, maybe the FD4 is right for you. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer right now and have them tell you all about the FD4. Then ask about your special low pricing. The more you know about this unit, the more you'll want one.

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