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Q.Here's another question for you tech gurus: What happens to the "extra" bits when I transfer data via the optical lightpipe from a 20-bit ADAT XT20 to an ADAT XT, which is a 16-bit machine? Do I still get 20-bit audio?
A.Sorry, but the answer is no. The ADAT XT will simply truncate the extra four bits, so you end up with 16-bit audio (which, we might add, is CD quality and still sounds amazingly good).

Q.I have just received my VSCDRS2 CD-burning package for the Roland VS-880 Digital Workstation, but the 880 doesn't seem to be seeing the software upgrade from the Zip disk during bootup. Is it possible that I am doing something wrong?
A.A few VS-880s don't want to recognize the software on bootup. To force the VS-880 to see it, hold down the Channel Edit 1, 2, 3 and 4 buttons with your left hand, and the Play Transport button with your right hand, and then power up (yes, it helps to have a few extra fingers). If the 880 still won't see it, there's the very real possibility that the Zip disk is defective or the data is corrupt. If you bought the unit from us, just call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer or the Tech Support department and we'll arrange to rush a new one to you right away.

Q.I have several keyboards (including a K2000) that have internal floppy drives. Is there anything I should do to protect the drives before I transport the machines to and from gigs?
A.You should always park the floppy drive before you transport any keyboard with a built-in drive. You can park most drives by going to the Load screen and executing the LOAD command without a disk in the drive. Once you get a message indicating there is no disk in the drive, power off your Kurzweil (or other cool keyboard) and you're ready to hit the road!

Q.I've converted some .WAV audio files to AIF files in Sound Forge and then burned them onto a data CD, but for some reason they won't open on my Mac. What the heck am I doing wrong? Help — I really need those files!
A.Don't panic — your data is actually there. Here's the deal: Sound Forge doesn't "render" the files all the way, which means you will have to install Sonic Foundry's "AIF Typer" utility onto the Macintosh for it to open the files. The good news is that this utility is available on Sonic Foundry's Web site. Go to the Support page, then to Products, then to Utilities, choose the correct download and you should be ready to go.

Got a question? Need help? The Tech Support Department is always ready to take care of you. E-mail us at "tech_support@sweetwater.com" or send us a letter via U.S. Mail or (of course) pick up the phone and call us.

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