The Panasonic SV-3700 set a new standard in affordable, true professional quality DAT recorders. Now we're pleased to introduce the Panasonic SV-4100 , the newest member of the critically acclaimed Panasonic family of fine digital audio products. Both the SV-3700 and 4100 incorporate significant advances in the areas of analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, transport accuracy and reliability, plus instrumentation quality input/output interfaces.

The exclusive Quick Start feature of the new SV-4100 provides sound right on cue — almost instantaneously after a play command is executed — thanks to 8 Mbit memory which holds approximately five seconds of audio data. Conventional recorders lag by an average of about .7 seconds (which, while you're waiting, can seem like a long time!). Another new enhancement is High Precision Trimming. With this RAM stereo scrubbing facility, you can adjust the Quick Start position with single frame (30ms) resolution over a range of plus/minus 50 frames.

Add Rehearsal Playback, Frame Accurate Indexing and Assemble Editing, flexible Search and Locate functions, 5-Mode External Sync, multiple digital interfaces and enhanced sound quality (thanks to the equivalent of 20-bit DACs and the same 1-bit, 64 times oversampling A-D converter found in the SV-3700) and you've got a DAT recorder that will excel in just about any serious studio application: mastering and editing, live performance, on-air broadcast and post-production. You won't find any other DAT recorder with this many features at a list price of just $2795.

You'll want to know more about the impressive SV-4100 (as well as the SV-3700), so call Sweetwater today for complete information and your special low pricing on the Panasonic DAT recorder of your choice.

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