Winner of the 1994 TEC Award for Musical Instrument Technology, the Alesis QuadraSynth set new standards for the keyboard industry: 16 megabytes of waveform data in ROM and 64 notes of polyphony, along with fully-programmable Alesis quality studio effects, all packed into an instrument featuring a full 76 note keyboard. So what could the company do to top that?

Simple: Introduce the Alesis QuadraSynth Plus Piano with new and classic sounds, extra waveforms and instruments, enhanced effects, progressive new software features, greater creative control and advanced synthesizer and master keyboard functions. And, oh yes, before we forget, Alesis added an all- new, built-in 8 megabyte, true stereo, phase accurate grand piano, bringing the total ROM waveforms to a whopping 24 megabytes. How does the piano sound? Great! In fact, in the September 1995 Keyboard magazine review, Ernie Rideout stated: "...the new grand piano is more substantial, significantly richer... it's as if a better instrument was used for the sampling session this time around." The review also goes on to state: "One of our Keyboard staffers, a dyed-in-the-wool pianist, remarked that the piano sound is good enough to use for classical piano repertoire."

As impressive as the new piano is, it only adds $200 to the base price of the original Quadrasynth, making the Plus Piano an even greater bargain at just $1699. Of course, that's the list price and if you call us right now (or even tomorrow) we'll be happy to tell you more about the Plus Piano, as well as quote you a price you probably can't afford to pass up. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

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