Response to our World Wide Web Internet Home Page has been terrific. Seems like cruising the Web is where it's at these days. Here are just a few of the responses we've gotten via e-mail:

"Love your page!! It's great to see you on the Net!" — J.L.

"This is a great idea. It's great to be able to get information online..." —P.D.

"The Web Site is sensational. You guys just keep surprising me." — D.E.

"...a very professional Web site." — B.B.

"Thanks for going online." — T.L.B.

"...keep up the good work, and I love it that you have a Web site, great idea." —S.S.

"Excellent K2000 FTP site addition to your Web pages." — B.B.

"Great to see you on the WWW with a home page. I'll check it often." — J.T.

For those of you who have been vacationing off-planet, you might want to see what all the fuss is about. You can access Sweetwater's Web Site via the latest versions of America Online, Prodigy, E-World or Compuserve software. Or you can access it directly if you have an Internet account with a local or national service provider.

Simply call up "" and you'll find late-breaking news flashes, current and back issues of Sweet Notes to browse, special sales announcements, links to other associated home pages and much more. The Internet is happening and Sweetwater is the first major music retailer to maintain a full-time presence. Check it out today!

We knew you were going to like the new, improved color version of Sweet Notes, we just didn't know how much. Here's a sampling of your comments:

"Latest issue of Sweet Notes was outstanding, the color format really makes a difference." — D.G.

"I think the color Sweet Notes looks very good; you guys always operate top-notch and with extreme professionalism." — M.R.

"I've thought I'd died and gone to heaven with this latest Sweet Notes. Keep 'em coming!" — M.B.

"Keep up the good work... You guys are great. I really like the new color Sweet Notes!" — F.A.S.

"Great new color newsletter (and) the industry's best (informed) sales force." — I.P.

"It's amazing what a difference color can make. Many thanks for making Sweet Notes even more enjoyable... and I didn't think that was possible." — K.R.

" What a difference! Nice job." — M.P.

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