Sweet Notes Animation MOTU Serves Up Red Hot New Products

When we unveiled Mark of the Unicorn's latest multiport MIDI interface, the MIDI Timepiece AV in our last issue, we knew it was big news (hey, we put it right there on the front cover, didn't we?). But we weren't prepared for the sheer volume of orders that began pouring in as soon as our Summer issue hit musicians' mailboxes. In a matter of days, our shelves were just about empty of MTP AVs (as we affectionately call them). So we did what any thoughtful dealer would surely do: We called the manufacturer and screamed, "Help! We need more units!"

The message obviously hit home at MOTU, because almost before we got off the phone, we could just about hear those manufacturing plants revving up into overdrive mode, and the good news is that by the time you read this, there should be plenty of MTP AVs sitting back there in our giant warehouse, ready to ship right to your door at our super low price (it really is so low, we can't print it here...honest)!

But while we were waiting on pins and needles for more AVs, the company went and introduced two more new products that will have all of us scrambling to keep up with orders: MOTU's award-winning sequencing software, Performer has been updated and accelerated for Power Macs as Version 5.5 ($495 list). It's list of features is way too long to print here (maybe next issue), but suffice it to say that it's faster, better, cooler...Oh, and it works with 680X0 Macs as well.

Also shipping is the new MIDI Express XT MIDI interface with SMPTE sync and MIDI Machine Control for Macintosh and Windows computers ($395 list). It offers 8 MIDI inputs, 9 MIDI outputs, 128 MIDI channels, SMPTE sync and front panel presets at a truly revolutionary price.

Now, hopefully we can keep enough of these new products in our warehouse to satisfy all you musicians out there who want one! And if you feel the need to know all about these great products, just call your sales engineer for information and super low pricing!