Sweet Notes Animation SOUNDWARE SCENE

By Daniel Fisher, Chief Soundware Engineer

Introducing Synthetica 1: Sonic Visions for the Kurzweil K2000/K2500 and K2vx. It's 100 absolutely over-the-top programs designed to give you fresh inspiration for your songwriting, scoring and live performances. It may even give you new insights into the power of V.A.S.T. It ships on a 3.5" diskette, is compatible with all the current Kurzweil instruments, requires at least two megs of RAM and sells for just $39.95.

These programs were created by our newest Soundware Engineer, Gary Phillips, and they have an interesting story to go with them. As you may already know, the Sweetwater Soundware Development Facility has been under constant pressure to create more soundware for our own products, as well as developing programs and samples for several of the major keyboard companies. This rapid growth had created the need for yet another Soundware Engineer. But after several months of advertising on our Web Site, in Sweet Notes and with several Internet groups, we still had not selected our Engineer yet.


Fast forward to September: One of our customers sends in his K2000 to have a larger hard drive installed. After the Service Technician transfers the data from the old drive to the new drive, he loads some files to test it. He then starts playing some of the programs. Bruce Hendrix, our Director of Customer Support, overhears the sounds from his office and wants to know where they came from, then brings the keyboard to me and says, "Dan, you've got to hear these programs!" I look at the hard drive directory and see file after file called: MYPROGS1.KRZ, MYPROGS2.KRZ, etc.

It takes a lot to impress me these days, but these programs really got my attention, so I made a phone call to Gary and asked if this was really all his programming. It was. After a lengthy conversation, we decided to bring Gary down for an interview and as of October 1st, he became our newest Soundware Engineer.

Now what, you might ask, is Synthetica? Well, they're the kinds of sounds that were almost impossible to get a few years back without hooking up two or three synths via MIDI. The focal point was to use V.A.S.T. to explore new sonic textures. I warn you now: you won't find pretty guitars and harps with strings. Instead, you'll discover programs like "Synthetica" with its many layers of pulsing, swirling textural webs, or "Digital Soda", a spattering of digitally clipped bubbles. There are also haunting pads like "Light Years Away!", "Big Warm One", and "Into the Sun!" that seem to create musical ideas all by themselves. But if you're ready to leave "music" all together try the sonic insanity of "Verchual Reality" and "Freak Out".

Synthetica's 100 Programs and 25 Setups all make creative use of Velocity, Mod Wheel and Data Slider to add your own personal touch to these sonic textures. You can also "Import" any of these Program's Layers into your own Programs to add some sonic spice to your "garden variety" sounds.

We think you'll be as knocked out as we were with Gary's fresh perspectives and spatial concepts. Contact your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for other Kurzweil Libraries like our Techno/Ambient Programs and our exclusive line of Sweetwater CD-ROMs that will push your K2000/K2500/K2VX and your music to new levels.