Sweet Notes Animation JBL'S MR900 SERIES: The Harder You Push, The More They Give!

The music scene keeps changing. Everyone needs more power. It's louder than ever, but everyone want's to hear every word of the lyrics, every note of the music. But that's okay with the people at JBL. See, the more musicians demand, the better they design their products. Our case in point today: the MR900 Series. In fact, with the MR Series loudspeakers, "LOUD" is indeed the operative word. And since these speakers feature JBL's new SonicGuard Circuitry, you can really push these babies to the very limits of performance without spending the whole time worrying about a blown speaker - those days are over!

JBL 900 Series

SonicGuard actually monitors sustained average long-term power levels against thermal stress and instantaneous peaks against mechanical stress (Hey, can you do that? Thought not). And unlike other protection circuitry, SonicGuard is completely inaudible (even to children and small pets whose hearing has not been, shall we say, tampered with). An indicator light on the input terminal cup illuminates when SonicGuard is actively compressing the audio signal, so you can back off on your screaming (or whatever it was you were doing at that time), allowing the speaker to return to normal mode without interruption. In fact, the SonicGuard circuit is so smart, it only activates on transient peaks that threaten the high frequency driver, while letting through non-damaging peaks unaltered. The result is loud AND clear.

There are eight magnificent monitors in the MR-Series, beginning with the MR902 and MR905 (shown above) which come with 12" and 15" low frequency drivers respectively, plus Flat-Front Bi-Radial horn. List price for the MR902 is $726 and $819 for the MR905. Either speaker can be set up at 30 or 60-degree angles for increased flexibility. Of course, as you achieve super-stardom, you may want to move all the way up to the horn-loaded 3-way MR926 with 15" LF driver and pure titanium driver on a Flat-Front Bi-Radial horn at a list price of just $897 (of course, by that time you'll have somebody else buying your equipment, so be sure to hand them a copy of this issue of Sweet Notes).

No matter what your needs or budget, there's a JBL MR-Series speaker that's rugged enough to take you all the way to the top, so call us for more information and your special low pricing!