Sweet Notes Animation CROWN D-SERIES AMPS: Incredible Sound, Compact Size and Outstanding Reliability


If you've been looking for a simple, compact amplifier with uncompromising sonic accuracy and a proven track record for reliability, but without the huge price tag these things can sometimes carry, you just might be looking for the Crown D-45 or D-75A Power Amplifiers. Carrying suggested list prices of just $425 and $625 respectively, these amps are the perfect choice for moderate power applications. With ultra-low distortion, they're ideal for recording or broadcast nearfield monitoring or even as the amp of choice in a video suite.

Like all of Crown's products, the defining characteristic of both these amplifiers is sonic accuracy with crystal clear highs and tight, well-defined lows. Of course, just about every amplifier claims to posses these characteristics, but Crown's specs prove they actually deliver the goods. Plus they're built to last longer than your average amp because Crown makes absolutely no compromises when it comes to manufacturing any of their fine products. What's more, the company takes the extra time to test every critical component before assembly, just one reason why Crown feels comfortable backing these amps with a full three year No-Fault warranty, meaning no matter what happens to your Crown amp - even if it's damaged by accident - it's covered. What's more, the warranty is totally transferable.

The D-45 is conservatively rated at 35 watts per channel (at 4 ohms/70 watts Bridged at 8 ohms), hile the D-75A pumps out 55 watts per side (at 4 ohms/110 watts Bridged at 8 ohms). We could print all the impressive specs here, but then you wouldn't have any reason to call your friendly Sweetwater sales engineer who's just dying to tell you more about these amps. They'll also surprise you with your special low pricing, so call now! And by the way, if you need a lot more power, Sweetwater carries all the high power Crown Power Tech and Power Base Amplifiers. Call for details.