Sweet Notes Animation FOSTEX D80:
No Compression, No Compromise

By Mitch Gallagher/Sweetwater Sales Engineer

You're all set to go: You've got your project studio up and running with a console, mics, processors, monitors, a recorder - pretty much everything you need to make good recordings. One thing is missing: The flexibility and power of true random access hard disk recording and editing. But with the investment you already have in your studio, how can you justify purchasing a computer, hard disk, and another recording system? It also doesn't make sense to add another unit that has a built-in mixer and capabilities you've already got covered with your existing gear.

A tough problem until now! And one that Fostex has addressed as they released their D-80 Rackmount Hard Disk Recorder to handle this exact situation. The D-80 is an 8-track, hard disk-based, random access recorder/editor designed to integrate into, and augment existing studio setups. No need to replace your existing mixer, processors and such, the D-80 will happily work right in, providing you with access to all the benefits of random access audio!

Features include a built-in, removable 850 MB hard disk, 16-bit, 44.1 kHz recording, and 18-bit, 64x oversampling A/D and D/A convertors that ensure consistent, great sounding audio with a frequency response of 20 Hz - 20 kHz, and a dynamic range greater than 92 dB. The D-80 will record all 8 tracks simultaneously, and can divide its hard drive into five separate segments, each with its own tempo map, time signature and other parameters. The unit can slave another unit using MIDI Time Code, or via optical interfacing. Plus, the D-80 features random access editing with audio cut, copy and pasting available across different tracks. A full complement of MIDI, digital and audio connections are, of course, integral to the unit.

Fostex D-80

While the D-80 is an obvious solution to the problem of easily incorporating hard disk capabilities into an existing studio, it can also serve as the centerpiece for an emerging studio as well. Great features, ease of use and outstanding, uncompressed digital audio quality - Fostex has another winner on their hands!

While the D-80, which retails for $2,195, is shipped with a removable 850 MB hard drive, Fostex has announced that an optional plug-in 1.3 GB hard drive, offering 30 minutes of uncompressed recording time, will be made available. But there are many other hard drive options ranging from 540MB to 2.55GB.

Of course, a digital multitrack recorder should offer a whole lot more than just tapeless recording. It must excel in four key areas: audio (which we've already covered), expansion, synchronization and editing, something the new Fostex D-80 Digital Multitrack does with consummate ease.

EXPANSION: The Fostex D-80 is ready to record 8 tracks of CD-quality audio right out of the box. It can also be slave or master to other D-80s or Fostex DMT-8s to provide full 16- or 24-track recording. And unlike other machines, you don't lose any audio tracks - it's all done via built-in, sub-frame accurate MTC.

SYNCHRONIZATION: The Fostex D-80 will synchronize with any MIDI sequencer and is also at home in the post production environment where accurate and flexible synchronization is essential, so sample accuracy is offered via Word Clock through S/PDIF. It's fully MMC compliant so you can control the transport functions from sequencers and it also responds to FEX (Fostex Exclusive Message) which offers enhanced communication ability when controlled by a computer.

EASY EDITING: Editing on the D80 is powerful, yet easy to use and understand. You can Cut, Copy, Paste & Move sections to the same, another or multiple tracks and repeat a paste up to 99 times automatically. Digital Quality, Expansion, Synchronization and Easy Editing - the new Fostex D-80 has it all. And unlike conventional analog multitracks, or for that matter tape-based digital recorders, the D-80 has instantaneous search to ZERO, ABS END and any of the in-built 6 cue points.

DIGITAL MASTERING: The versatile optical S/P-DIF provides for stereo digital IN and OUT of source signals, DAT connection for archive & restore, and it offers Word Clock for sample accurate synchronization.

Obviously there's a lot more we could tell you about this versatile performer (and you might guess by my tone that I'm a believer!), but all we really have the room to say here is that we have D80s in stock right now at surprisingly affordable prices! We also have the Fostex DMT-8 Digital Multitracker with integral mixer in stock at a price you just won't believe. It's the lowest priced hard disk recorder on the market today! So give us a call and find out more about these terrific values!