Sweet Notes Animation KORG N-SERIES

Korg claims it would take over thirty (yes, 30) hours to audition all the N-Series on-board programs and combinations if you spent just two minutes listening to each one. Considering the fact that the company's new N264 ($2400 list) and N364 ($1900 list) Workstations are filled to the top with a staggering 936 programs and combinations based on 8MB of PCM ROM data featuring 430 Multisounds and 215 drum sounds, the math sounds about right, but who the heck could limit themselves to two just minutes a program?

Korg N364

Boasting 64-voice polyphony (double that of the company's best-selling 01/W Synth), the N264 features a very playable 76-note keyboard, while the N364 sports a more modest 61-notes, both with velocity and aftertouch sensitivity. Both instruments also feature Real-time Pattern Play and Record (RPPR) which allows you to record and save musical phrases and ideas as patterns. You can then play back a pattern just by pressing the key you've assigned it to. There are 100 RPPR pattern memory locations and you can use the ones that were preprogrammed at the factory (which are actually quite cool), edit them or create your own originals, then save them to the built-in floppy drive.

Remember Arpeggiators? They were really fun to play with and a great creative tool. Good news: both the N264 and N364 have built-in Arpeggiators that let you create arpeggios over a four-octave range in Up, Down, Alternate One, Alternate Two or Random Arpeggio Modes, so you can create complex grooves and express yourself in a way that's all but impossible without this feature.

Hey, can we interest you in a sequencer? Since these machines come from Korg, you can bet they come complete with one - in this case a user-friendly 16-track, 32,000 event sequencer that supports Standard MIDI file format. Heck, just telling you about all the sequencer functions would take up all our room here, but let's just say it's everything you'd expect from a Korg Music Workstation.

And of course both these instruments have dual digital stereo multi-effects processors with real-time control. There are 47 effect types to choose from, and with dynamic, real-time control, you can custom-tweak each effect to perfectly match your needs and playing style. If you've ever heard a Korg effects processor, you know exactly how sweet they sound.

Put all these features together with Korg's world renowned AI2 synthesis, and you've got unprecedented power and playability in an affordable package. How affordable? Well, just one call to your Sweetwater ales engineer will convince you that these remarkable machines deliver all the features you could ever want without breaking the budget. So give us a call today for more information and your special low price on one of Korg's new N-Series Workstations.