Sweet Notes Animation TASCAM Introduces Innovative New 564 Digital Portastudio
Tascam 564 Combining the operational ease of the famed Portastudio line with the random access capabilities of a hard disk recorder, the new TASCAM 564 Digital Portastudio is bound to create a lot of interest among working musicians. Carrying a list price of just $1499, the 564 ushers in a whole new era of high quality, cost effective digital recording based on its use of the exciting new MiniDisc technology (nope, no cassette tapes here, folks!).

This machine is geared towards the musician who's looking for fast and flexible editing control, as well as a convenient medium for both data storage and exchange. Its random access functions include instantaneous locate capability (no waiting for the silly tape to rewind or fast forward - this is, after all, a digital recorder!), erase, divide, combine, "Bounce Forward" and a huge batch of other innovative features that will make your recording sessions hassle-free and better sounding than you ever imagined.

Of course, you also get all the useful features you'd expect in a high quality integrated mixer/recorder like: Auto Punch In/Out with rehearsal mode (very important), 3-band EQ with sweepable mids (very pro!), two AUX sends (very flexible), 4 mono channels and 4 stereo channels (for a total of 12 channels, kids!), balanced XLR inputs for use with pro-quality low impedance mics, and a rotary control for jog and data entry.

Since this wonder machine was designed around the hot, new MiniDisc technology, you have tremendous editing control over all your recordings. As mentioned, the 564 allows you to locate to any point instantly. Then you can easily delete unwanted material, divide one recorded segment into two (or combine two into one). Songs can be divided into as many as 20 patterns by placing a series of index markers throughout your song. All patterns and tracks can be named and by using the REPEAT function, the 564 allows you to totally rearrange your music: turn a four measure intro into an 8 measure intro or shorten that guitar solo.

One of the most exciting features of the 564 is that you can now record up to five individual "takes" of a given track, then sit back and listen for the best performance before you commit any particular take to a track. The 564 provides conventional Ping Pong Recording, as well as the all-new Bounce Forward function which enables you to create a series of submixes complete with effects and EQ, then carry that stereo mix forward to the next song location on disc. But should you decide later to go back to the original tracks, you'll be glad to know they're still there in the original location. You can even use your MMC (MIDI Machine Control) capable sequencer to control all transport and track arming features of the 564.

You're sure to want to know more about this groundbreaking machine (and there's tons more stuff to tell you about), so call your Sweetwater sales engineer for all the facts and your special pricing on a TASCAM 564!