Fall 1995 brought great news for Windows-based musicians as the latest product releases from Mark of the Unicorn introduced new power and convenience to the Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 platforms. We're talking about the Windows releases of Freestyle, the award-winning trackless sequencer with instant notation transcription and UNISYN, the universal synthesizer patch editor and librarian. In addition, MOTU has also introduced the PC MIDI Flyer, an amazingly economical 32 channel MIDI interface that works with both desktop and laptop PCs.

With FreeStyle ($200 list), you get software specifically optimized for the creative songwriting process. FreeStyle's fresh approach lets you focus on your music through a thoroughly intuitive environment: Use ensembles of players trying unlimited takes; Arrange sections of music into any song form; Print out accurate sheet music the moment you finish recording. You can even create your entire composition without ever taking your hands off your MIDI controller. FreeStyle's unparalleled, "musical" approach has earned it a boatload of awards including Electronic Musician's "1996 Editor's Choice."

We covered FreeStyle in-depth last year when the Mac version was released. All of the great advances we raved about in the Mac version are here, perfectly tailored for Windows. Rather than just repeat ourselves, we thought we would let the industry experts tell you what they think about FreeStyle:
"FreeStyle's automated transcription abilities are the best we've ever seen. Working with it is easier than competing programs. It's perfect for whipping out arrangements for club bands and educational ensembles, and also for songwriters who want to document their work. The first program we've seen that deserves to have the title of îintuitive' bestowed upon it." - Keyboard Magazine

"Its printed music is a joy to behold. The supplied font is beautiful, beams break correctly, and two-handed parts split automatically across staves. Parts transpose perfectly. No other sequencer in this price range matches FreeStyle in power, innovation, or ease of use. It's the clear choice for the beginning user or the experienced composer looking for a quick and easy way of getting musical ideas into the computer." - MacWorld

We could go on about the features that make FreeStyle so popular like its "Riff Metronome" that provides instant drum beats, auto loop record that senses how long you play, pick-up and overhang measures that capture your anticipations and timing nuances, intelligent notation with straighten swing and ignore mistakes options, multi-player graphic editing, arrangement grid with both linear and pattern based song construction, playback loops and . . . well, you've probably got the idea by now.

Do you want to focus on your music, rather than on your computer? Would you like instant, accurate transcriptions of your performances? Would you prefer to think musically, instead of dealing with tons of technical terms and hold-overs from the old world of tape recorders? Do you want to spend more time creating music and less time monkeying with your gear? Do you want one of the most advanced songwriting tools ever created? If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, you owe it to your music to try FreeStyle. We guarantee you'll be amazed by the results.

Now, let's take a quick look at UNISYN for Windows. Whether you just need a fast and easy way to catalog your existing library of synthesizer sounds or want to create your own, custom sounds, UNISYN Windows gives you a quantum leap in speed and ease when it comes to managing your MIDI rig. And, like FreeStyle, UNISYN is also winning praise from the experts. Electronic Musician enthused that, "UNISYN is the premiere universal editor/librarian available today on any computer platform. For overall performance, ease of use, and breadth of support there's nothing better."

Will UNISYN work with your gear? With 218 profiles for current and classic MIDI instruments, chances are that UNISYN will immediately work with all your synths and MIDI effect processors. And Mark of the Unicorn releases new profiles on a regular basis to add support for the hottest new products. Recent profiles include the Roland JV-1080, the Korg X series, the Alesis QuadraSynth Plus Piano and many more.

But there's more! How would you like to be able to type in the word piano and instantly see every single piano sound in every MIDI synth you own? How about crafting your own, never-heard-before sounds easily with on-screen sliders and graphic envelope controls? What if you could create an unlimited number of new sounds with the click of a mouse, based on favorite existing sounds or generated randomly with selectable parameters? What new sounds could you create if you had the ability to "morph" patches gradually from any sound to any other sound? When everything is just right, wouldn't you like to take a snapshot of your entire MIDI rig and be able to restore it at any time with just a single command from your PC's keyboard?

For a limited time, UNISYN Windows is available at a $100 discount thanks to the incredible introductory offer made by Mark of the Unicorn and your friends here at Sweetwater Sound. You can own UNISYN and get all of it's tremendous benefits for only $195, that's $100 off of the normal price of $295! Now there's no reason to miss out on adding power and flexibility to your PC MIDI studio with UNISYN for Windows.

We'd also like to touch on the latest MIDI interface for Windows called the PC MIDI Flyer. It's a true 32 channel, 2 cable interface that works with any desktop or laptop PC, and you can get it for under $90! That's about $20 less than other 16 channel interfaces! It's a solid piece with a metal case that can withstand years of professional use either in the studio or on the road. For value and convenience, there's no equal to the PC MIDI Flyer. Of course, if you need even more channels or tape synchronization, both FreeStyle and UNISYN work great with Mark of the Unicorn's MIDI Express and MIDI Timepiece multi-cable interfaces.

If you would like more information about any of these great Windows products from MOTU, please give us a call today. We'll be glad to show you how to make your Windows PC infinitely more powerful and user-friendly!

DIGITAL PERFORMER 1.7 FOR MAC At the last second, just as we were going online with this report, we got an amazing preview of MOTU's Digital Performer 1.7. It includes a variety of radical, new DSP functions that can actually pitch transpose or time compress/expand digital audio without affecting the tonal quality of the recording! You may have already experienced disappointment using other pitch shifting and time stretching programs. If you try to affect the audio by more than a small amount, your vocals start to sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks! Not so with DP 1.7. It maintains the resonant qualities of the original recording. Believe us, this processing absolutely has to be heard to be believed. And fortunately, MOTU has produced a demonstration audio CD, Pure DSP, that you can get free of charge from Sweetwater to do just that. Give us a call to get your copy right away!