By Chuck and Brenda Surack
Owners, Sweetwater Sound

We told you several issues ago that we had quite a few plans in the works here at Sweetwater, all aimed at getting massive quantities of information into the hands of our customers. Our surveys show that the vast majority of you now own personal computers, and what could be more natural these days than getting your information online via the Internet. It's fast, there's no paper involved (so no trees are cut down), and darn it, it's really a lot of fun. If you've visited our Home Page - and our records indicate that many thousands of you already have - you know what we mean.

Well, we've been hard at work adding more powerful online services and now it's on to the next phase. Though it has taken a bit more time than we had anticipated, we're happy to announce that our list server is now fully operational. You Internet cruisers may have signed up for our EFlash list via our Website sometime during the past few months and have all been very patient. So we're happy to announce that the grand opening is now upon us! We've taken the liberty to sign all subscribers up for the three lists that are just kicking off. Descriptions and instructions appear below in the same form that new subscribers will see.

Many thanks for signing up. We look forward to your participation as Sweetwater Sound's Internet presence takes another leap forward in the information age!

Sweetwater Sound's Family of Mailing Lists EFlash is our moderated, low volume list for announcements about exciting new products or product availability, updates to our website, or other news we at Sweetwater believe you'll find of interest.

TradingPost is an unmoderated list, set up by Sweetwater as a service to our loyal supporters to aid them in buying and selling used gear. Individuals who subscribe to this list can post messages about equipment that they wish to sell or buy, and interested parties can then make a deal via e-mail. This list is primarily geared toward MIDI and studio equipment. Sweetwater may post some gear to this list from time-to-time but please remember that we cannot warrant gear that is sold by list members.

MusicalNotes is an unmoderated list for the discussion of any topic germane to Sweetwater Sound's business or the business of its customers. Music retail procedures and policies, discussion of new gear, items to check for at AES or NAMM and more will be fair game for this list.

Our lists are run on Macintosh computers using StarNine's ListSTAR software. Most list maintenance requests can be processed through our Web page at: "" or you can send e-mail to the following:
with one of the following commands in the subject field of your mail message (unfortunately, EFlash does not support digests due to its low volume nature):

subscribe - Your address will be added to the list of subscribers. You will then be able to send messages directly to this list that will be forwarded to all other list subscribers.

subscribe digest - Your address will be added to the list of subscribers who receive a digest instead of each forwarded message. You will be able to send messages to this list, and will receive a digest of accumulated messages once a day.

digests - A list of available digests will be returned to you.

unsubscribe - Your address will be removed from the list of subscribers. You will no longer be able to send messages to the members on the list.

help - This help message will be returned.

After subscribing to one or more of the lists, simply send e-mail to the list addresses as previously noted and it will be reflected to the entire list. Please be careful to send replies that are for an individual only to that individual's address and not to the whole list. Please send other administrative messages directly to: "".

We think you're going to really enjoy this unique new service. It's a whole new way to interface, communicate and network with musicians world-wide and we here at Sweetwater are proud to be the very first retailer anywhere to offer this breakthrough service to our customers.

But, of course, we're never going to stop looking for ways to better serve our over 72,000 customers, so keep your eyes on these pages in the months to come. We'll be telling you about catalogs online and much more.

Before we go, we'd like to say thank you to all our wonderful customers with a small gift. We had such a great response to our calendar last year that we decided to make up a new one in full color with great new cartoons by Smeltzer. You may be receiving one in the mail soon if you recently placed an order, or just call and it's yours free for the asking. We also have a wonderful set of Christmas Tree Bell samples along with some exceptional holiday sequences for all you K2000/K2500 owners. It's available free via our Home Page or just give us a call and we'll send you a set on a floppy. Best wishes for a truly wonderful holiday season!