At the Fall AES Show in New York City, industry leader Digidesign unveiled an entirely new line of Pro Tools products in just about every price range. This means almost everyone can afford to access the ground-breaking technology pioneered by the company in its ever-expanding Pro Tools line of digital audio hardware and software.

Peter Gotcher, President of Digidesign said it best with this statement: "Our goal is to make Pro Tools available to a wider range of users. (Now we can) provide our customers with the maximum flexibility, expandability and options for digital audio production at every price point (and) supply remote editing capabilities and lower cost systems to these users."

Sweetwater has now issued its own statement concerning this exciting development: "Cool!"

Let's get to the specifics. Pro Tools software will now be available for use on multiple hardware platforms, including Digi's Session 8 for the Mac and Audiomedia II. The company also announced PowerMix, digital audio engine (DAE) technology that allows Pro Tools software to run as a stand-alone application on a PowerPC-based Macintosh computer - with absolutely no additional hardware of any kind!

Also making its debut at the AES Show, Pro Tools Project is a new 8-track system that utilizes the Session 8 Mac audio card and offers project studio owners the power of Pro Tools at an affordable price.

All these options allow audio pros and semi-pros unprecedented flexibility throughout the entire digital recording process. Just as an example: Pro Tools software running on a PowerPC-based PowerBook is an incredibly powerful mobile digital audio recording system, allowing work to be done at home or on the road. What's more, all Pro Tools software sessions are completely compatible, regardless of whether it was created on a high-end Pro Tools system or a PowerBook running Pro Tools 3.2 software! Audio production facilities can now use a full-featured Pro Tools III system with TDM for recording and mixing, then divide editing tasks among any number of smaller satellite systems. This greatly enhances productivity, lowers project costs and unleashes new creative freedom.


Digi's new Pro Tools Project is a digital audio workstation designed to provide Pro Tools functionality at a truly affordable price. The Pro Tools Project Core System includes Pro Tools 3.2 software bundled with the Session 8 Mac audio card (now renamed the Pro Tools Project Audio Card). Your I/O choices include the 882 I/O and 882 Studio I/O. Pro Tools Project is a complete digital workstation that provides eight tracks of recording, plus many sophisticated editing and mixing tools and will be available in early 1996 at the surprising list price of just $2495.

Psst, here's a tip: buy Session 8 right now and you can upgrade to Pro Tools Project for just $295 as soon as it's available. This will actually save you hundreds of dollars, plus you get to start using it right now!


Pro Tools 3.2 greatly enhances the capabilities of existing Session 8 Mac systems, with additional features such as scrubbing, automation, real-time bounce with effects loops and ADAT Interface support. Session 8 Mac owners can upgrade their current software to the new Pro Tools version for a limited time for just $249 as soon as the new software is available. This is a real deal, one that Session 8 owners cannot possibly afford to pass up!


Pro Tools software can run with PowerMix as a software-only system, using the Power Mac's PowerPC chip for a full 16-tracks of record and play. This is, to say the least, pretty mind-blowing. This inexpensive system (available in 1996) offers editors the opportunity to work remotely. Users can expand I/O capacity with Session 8 and Audiomedia II hardware while retaining PowerMix's 16-tracks of playback capability.


All the incredible Pro Tools hardware and software can seem pretty overwhelming, particularly with all the new products. Actually, once you get a handle on the way the system works, it becomes rather simple. And the absolute best way to find out more about all the Pro Tools products is by calling us here at Sweetwater. Your sales engineer knows all there is to know about this great series of products and he or she will be more than happy to take the time and go through all the many options available.

By the way, we're happy to report that Sweetwater now has a greatly expanded sales territory for Pro Tools systems. Thanks to our success with this superb line of products, we can now offer Pro Tools hardware and software to thousands of additional customers around the U.S. Of course, your Sweetwater sales engineer can tell you immediately if you fall within our designated distribution zone. So what are you waiting for? Grab the phone and give us a call and see how Pro Tools can give you the edge in creativity and productivity!