Designed for the personal and project recording studio, the TASCAM M-2600 MKII Recording Console takes the best of the original M-2600 and packs in additional features that users asked for. Things like balanced tape ins and outs, a high-intensity meter bridge, switchable +4 and -10dB levels and insert automation capability.

Of course, the console utilizes TASCAM's latest re-engineered, premium quality mic pre-amps, has even greater headroom as a result of a new and improved power supply, advanced-design split EQ, and significantly improved talkback and in-place solo capabilities.

But what's really most important to the personal and project studio owner is that this unit is truly optimized for recording: It includes dozens of application-specific features that make recording and mixing quicker and easier than ever before. Things like a true 8-bus design, group/direct out switching on every channel (which eliminates time-consuming repatching) two independent stereo mix cues while tracking, six independent AUX sends, six assignable stereo returns, "flip" signal assignment and much more.

Built into every M-2600 MKII is the most flexible EQ routing system available, the kind you normally find on consoles costing up to three times as much. In simple terms, it gives you the capability of using the shelving and semi-parametric EQs anywhere you want - either in monitor or channel paths. The dual sweepable mid band EQ on each channel lets you apply 16dB of boost or cut at critical frequencies, along with high frequency shelving at 12kHz and low frequency at 80Hz.

Another feature TASCAM didn't compromise on when designing this new mixer is the AUX sends: You get six of them - two stereo and four mono, all totally independent and individually assignable and all available simultaneously. They can be used for monitor or signal and Returns are routed through any of six stereo paths which allows you to set two independent stereo cue mixes (i.e. one for control room and one for studio). In the Control Room section there's a dedicated master level for the SOLO function and an indicator light so you can quickly see if any SOLO switches are activated. The M-2600 MKII is also ready to access a number of third party insert automation systems like Mackie Designs' Ultramix Universal Automation (see page 9).

As usual, space limitations prevent us from telling you more. We can tell you that list prices for the 16-channel version start at just $3199. So we'll leave it to your Sweetwater sales engineer to fill you in on all the many other features of the unit, as well as availability and your special pricing.