Sweet Notes Animation Aphex Model 109 Equalizer With Tubessence

Ever since it was first introduced, the Aphex Tubessence has been a best-seller for us here at Sweetwater. And no wonder, since the unit incorporates the company's patented circuits which provide true vacuum tube sound without transformers, high heat levels, short life, fragility and audio variability, none of which can be considered good things.

APHEX EQ 109 (12k)

So, when Aphex introduced its Model 109 Equalizer with Tubessence at a list price of just $495, we knew they had another winner. The exclusive Tubessence circuit sweetens up your tracks with true vacuum tube warmth and richness, while the EQ section offers comprehensive tone control over your sound. The unit can function either as a MONO four-band equalizer or DUAL two-band for both peak and shelving EQ of the entire audio spectrum. Each band provides variable cut/boost (+/- 15dB), variable frequency (20Hz-2kHz or 200Hz-20kHz) and variable bandwidth (from one-fifth octave to two octaves) control.

For recording, mixing and mastering, you can fine tune individual tracks or polish up the final two track mix or even create special effects. The Tubessence circuit can also function perfectly in sound reinforcement, broadcast applications or even in your rack as the ultimate equalizer for your guitar, bass or keyboards.

To find out more and for your special low price on this great processor, call your Sweetwater sales engineer today.