Sweet Notes Animation TASCAM M1600 Mixing Console

Oh no, you're thinking - it's another mixer! You've already been fighting with a headache trying to decide which digital multitrack to buy, and now this! Relax, the TASCAM M1600 is far from just another mixing board. According to the folks at TASCAM (and heck, they should know, right?), this mixer sets a new price-to-performance standard with a feature list that's far too long to print here. But let's start with a few basic facts:

The M1600 comes in a 16-channel ($1699 list) and 24-channel ($2199) configuration. Both feature 3-band EQ with sweepable midrange, TRS balanced line inputs, signal present/overload LEDs, one stereo and four mono AUX sends, stereo in-place solo as well as mute and insert points for every channel. Of course, the M1600 incorporates XLR mic inputs with new high performance preamp circuitry and phantom power on the first eight channels, plus users can add an optional mic preamp package, the MA8, in 8-channel blocks.

TASCAM 1600 (18k)

The M1600 Series consoles utilize the new TASCAM "Selectable Monitor" design that enables stereo AUX 12 to perform triple duty on each channel. Normally, AUX 12 takes its signal rom the channel input. But by simply pressing the MON to LR switch, Selectable Monitor enables this section of the console to function as the monitor channel for the tape returns during the tracking process. At mixdown, when tape returns are feeding the unit's smooth, long-throw faders, Selectable Monitor allows this area of the board to function as a stereo effects send, taking its signal from either pre or post fader. Plus, the Selectable Monitor unction also doubles as the control point for any live or virtual MIDI tracks you might be running. What this all means is the choice of effects send, CUE mix or live input control is right at your fingertips, something you'll really appreciate during heavy duty session work.

Power users will also be excited by just how easy the M1600 is to install, thanks to the 5-pin D-sub connectors which are used for both balanced and unbalanced tape returns (these are selectable in 8-channel blocks). These same easy-to-use connectors are provided on the unit's Group/Direct Outs. D-subs provide an extremely secure and sonically superior connection to your multitrack recorder and are typically found only on more expensive mixers. There are also optional meter bridges available for either mixer configuration.

As we hinted at earlier, there's far more to the M1600 than we have room for here, so his is a great time to call your Sweetwater sales engineer to hear about all the other tuff we couldn't squeeze in here (which is a lot), plus your own special pricing on a 16- or 24-channel M1600 of your very own.