Finger Juice

Have you ever puchased a Hip Hop Breakbeat audio CD or CD ROM only to find lots of samples that just don't work together? Ugh,it's almost criminal. That's why Sweetwater Sound has created Finger Juice, an essential collection of Hip Hop production tools now available on CD ROM for the E-mu ESI-32 and the E4 samplers and priced at just $199.99.

There's more than 125 jammin' megs of classic beat boxes (including the highly-prized TR-808 and 909), juicy breaks, rare keys, live loops, fat basses, wah-wah guitars, synthesizers, hits, stops and slurs. It also serves up some of the fattest "woofer food" in the land! Each of the classic drum machines come with a selection of beats and breaks, as well as each and every drum sampled individually.

A great deal of thought went into the production of the material for this library. The CD ROM's collection producer, Fishguhlish, knows what the dance scene is all about, having produced tracks for such top hip-hop artists as Cypress Hill (Ruff House Records) and Me Phi Me (RCA). He looked at all the current material available on sampling CDs and CD ROMs and determined it was unacceptable for the majority of the musicians who are working in this genre.

"Most of the sounds on those CDs are too clean and sterile," he says. "Today's dance music requires an aggressive, hard-edged sound that borders on distortion, with nasty, highly compressed drum sounds — a lot like the kind of recordings made in the 1960s and early 1970s and released on vinyl. This material is definitely not pristine; it's pretty much dirty and `in-your-face'. In fact, it's the total opposite approach from someone who's doing, say, classical music. But that's what's missing from the majority of sampling CDs — that raw, gritty feel."

So load up your favorite beat, pick a bass and some keys and you'll be totally knocked out by just how well they all jam together. Finger Juice has been hand-tweaked by our Soundware team specifically for the ESI-32 and the E4, so you have access to all the great features of either machine.

Don't own an E-mu sampler? Then be sure to ask your Sweetwater sales engineer about other formats currently in the works. In fact, be sure to ask about all the great CD ROM titles and disk libraries currently available exclusively from Sweetwater Sound.