The E-mu Emulator 4, as it was released this past February, was one amazing sampler. Imagine: 128-voice polyphony plus superb pro quality sound and a great user interface! But the folks at E-MU promised there was more to come. And now, with nothing more than a floppy disk upgrade, you can turn your E4 (or E64) into a powerhouse synthesizer.

The current version as of this writing is V1.10f. Among its arsenal of ultra cool features are 17 Filter types! These include 2nd Order HiPass, 4th Order HiPass, 2nd and 4th Order BandPass, Contrary BandPass, Swept EQ 1, 2 and 3, Phaser 1 and 2, Bat Phaser, Flange Lite, and some very impressive Morpheus filters like Vocal Ah-Ay-Ee and Vocal Oo-Ah.

All this and more from a single floppy upgrade! Wow, do these people at E-mu keep their word or what? So how do they top this? To find out, ask your Sweetwater sales engineer about upcoming software and hardware releases and options for this outstanding instrument.