Equitek E-Series Microphones

If you've been looking for a microphone that's detailed enough to capture soft breathy vocals or the subtle nuances of a solo classical guitar, yet rugged enough to stand up to the sound pressure levels delivered by a kick drum or full brass section, you've probably been expecting to spend a huge amount of money. And then, you'd be afraid to take such a big investment out of the studio and up on stage, right?

Well, thanks to modern technology and the innovative designs of a company called CAD, you can now select from two microphones that not only deliver superb sonic performance (with frequency response essentially ruler-flat from 10 Hz to 18 kHz), but dependability that you'd probably expect only from a high-end dynamic mic.

There are two microphones in CAD's E-Series line. The first is the Equitek E-200 ($699 list), a Multi-pattern, Side Address Condenser Microphone with three polar patterns: figure 8, cardioid and omnidirectional. Its unique combination of transparency and high SPL capability (up to 148 dB with pad) make it one of the most versatile high performance mics ever made. It contains no interstage capacitors in the signal path, resulting in a dramatic reduction of phase anomalies. In addition, its dual matching capsules are individually isolated by an H-frame suspension, greatly reducing the need for an external shock mount. The E-200 includes a swivel mount and hard shell case.

The Equitek E-100 ($479 list) is a Supercardioid Side Address Condenser Microphone that shares the innovative servo circuitry of the E-200. In addition to its phenomenally wide bandwidth response, the E-100's physical dimensions contribute to its versatility as a vocal mic, instrument mic, drum kit or overhead mic. It also has internal H-frame isolation of the capsule and comes with a swivel adapter.

Both microphones perform to spec for up to six hours on two fully charged NiCad batteries and both are available as matched stereo pairs.

If you need the performance of a studio mic and the dependability of a stage mic matched with an affordable price, either of these mics would be an excellent choice. For more information and your special pricing on the Equitek E-Series mics, call your Sweetwater sales engineer today.