Special Delivery Upgrade Notice

We know your order can never get to your door fast enough. And just as important, we know you want it to arrive safely (after all, we get just as upset when an item arrives damaged as you do)! In fact, some of you may have already noticed that certain products (K2000s and 88-note controllers for example) have been arriving via Airborne Express. The reason is simple: we want your equipment shipped fast and safe, so we're always looking for ways to perform that task more efficiently at no additional charge to you. That's why we've been experimenting recently with shipping particular products via Airborne! Not only does your order arrive undamaged, but what used to take up to a week to arrive at your door now takes as little as two days! Longtime customers know that we're never satisfied with "good enough," — we're always looking for BEST, including the very best shipping methods for your important order.