The E-MU Sampler Collection

Anyone who knows samplers and sampling technology knows the name E-mu Systems. All this company did was pretty much invent the affordable digital sampler! Of course when they released their first sampler, the landmark Emulator One almost 15 years ago, affordable meant anything with a price tag under $10,000!

Today, things are a lot different. Not only are digital samplers more affordable, they're also infinitely easier to use, offer plenty of enhanced features and tons of sampling RAM, particularly when compared to early samplers, some of which had only a microscopic 128K of 8-bit memory. More importantly, today's samplers have specs that are truly pro quality.

So let's say, just for the sake of argument, that you're interested in buying your first sampler. You'll want one that's user-friendly, sounds great and isn't going to cost so much that you'll have to take a second job to afford it. Oh, and you'll probably want plenty of polyphony and the ability to drop in lots of sampling RAM. If that sounds about right, you might, just for the sake of argument, be looking for the ESI-32. Carrying a list price of just $1495 (no, that's not a misprint), the ESI-32 features ultra-clean 16-bit resolution for the purest possible audio quality. It allows for virtually distortionless pitch transposition over an incredible 10-octave range, gives you 32 notes of polyphony, and comes standard with 32 4-pole digital resonant filters on-board, as well as a variety of powerful DSP functions like time compression/expansion, parametric EQ, digital tuning, compression and lots more. The standard unit ships with 2 megabytes of RAM but can easily be upgraded (via standard off-the-shelf SIMMs) to a full 32 megs!

Or maybe you already own a sampler but you're looking for just a bit more horsepower. Like 64 note polyphony (your 16-note unit just doesn't cut it anymore) and the ability to load up to 64 megabytes of RAM via standard SIMMs (you're tired of paying premium prices for "custom" memory boards). Then you might just be looking for the brand new e64. It offers many of the features of the ESI-32 plus more polyphony and sample RAM for a list price of just $3295.

Or maybe you're ready to step into the big leagues. That's right, you're looking for a top-of-the-line sampler that can do it all. In that case, you just might be looking for an EIV, the flagship in E-mu's long line of absolutely first class 16-bit samplers. With a truly staggering 128 notes of polyphony and a phenomenal 128 megabytes of RAM (8MB standard), plus E-mu's famous no-compromise audio quality, the EIV is a sampler to be reckoned with. Boasting new DSP features (like Doppler, Exciter and Transform Multiplication), four expansion ports and all the analog and digital ins and outs you could ever need, the EIV is in a class all its own. It carries a list price of $5995.

Of course, all E-mu samplers can read libraries in Emulator III, EIIIx and Emax II formats, as well as Akai S1000/1100 (that's well over 50 gigabytes of available data!) via built-in floppy drive or SCSI and each one is designed and built for years of dependable service

Well, we could go on and on about these remarkable instruments, but as usual, we're running out of space, so to get more information, as well as your special pricing on the E-mu sampler of your choice, call your Sweetwater sales engineer today.