MR Series Speakers

Anyone who knows sound knows the name JBL. For decades, the company has produced top quality speaker systems that literally defined the term "live sound reinforcement." JBL engineers worked hard to build the company's excellent reputation by meeting the constantly evolving needs of thousands of professional musicians. Over the years, the ears of musicians and audiences alike have grown ever more discerning. Consequently, the JBL standard of performance has likewise become ever more sophisticated in catering to an increasingly perceptive market.

One challenge the wizards at JBL welcomed was delivering a combination of perfectly matched premium components and enclosure construction within a price range that was affordable to a whole new group of emerging performers. The MR Series Loudspeaker Systems are the culmination of over two years of research and development.

The MR Series systems benefit from recent advances in both transducer technology and enclosure fabrication. These speakers feature all new low frequency drivers with massive 16 pound magnet assemblies to assure maximum efficiency and reliability. Harmonic distortion elements (you know, the stuff that makes speakers sound bad) are suppressed through the application of JBL's breakthrough SHG (Selective Harmonic Geometry) technology in pole piece design. This means rock solid bass output. And since audiences like their music loud, JBL's engineers had to significantly increase power handling, so a new Thermoset Composite voice coil was developed just for this speaker.

Since they did such a good job on the woofers, it only stood to reason that they had to find a high frequency driver to match it. So they chose a performance-proven pure titanium diaphragm compression driver coupled to a newly-designed Flat-Front Bi-Radial horn producing accurately reproduced highs that are dispersed over a 100x80 degree pattern, an important design element when a minimal number of speakers are used to cover a large space like a club or concert hall.

Ah, but let's say for a minute that you don't know a transducer from a Bi-Radial horn. You're thinking: all this sounds impressive, but what does it mean to me? I'm dragging these speakers around to gigs. Are they going to sound great or will everyone leave with a terrible headache? And are these speakers going to hold up under the kind of tough conditions you find in the real world (you know, like when the guitar player crashes into a speaker while leaping around during one of his extended solos)? Rest easy, these are JBL speakers. Guitarists (and drummers and lots of others) have been knocking their speakers over for dozens of years and the things just keep on sounding great.

You'll also be interested to know (since we're sure you're an environmentally conscious musician) that MR Series enclosures are fabricated of Oriented Strand Board (OSB), a durable product made from the wood of aspens, trees that quickly regenerate and can be commercially cultivated. In addition, unlike plywood, the OSB process does not produce toxic wastes. Cool!

These are serious loudspeakers that deliver absolutely superb sonic performance and dependability at surprisingly down-to-earth prices. From single transducer guitar boxes to 3-way full range systems and subwoofers, there's an MR Series speaker in your price range. To learn more about the MR Series and all the other outstanding sound reinforcement and studio products built by JBL, plus your special low price on the speaker system that's perfect for your needs, give your Sweetwater sales engineer a call today.