Kurzweil K2500R

You've probably heard the rumors: the Kurzweil K2500 is shipping in a rackmount version. Well, the rumors are true and here at Sweetwater, we've begun to see a very limited number of units arriving at our warehouse. Of course, just about every one that arrives is already sold and ready to ship to some lucky Sweetwater customer that placed his order the minute the word was out that the K2500 was real. Fortunately, as production gears up, there should be an ever-increasing number of 2500s arriving over the next month or two.

Unless you've been off in some distant galaxy, you probably know that the K2500 offers 48-note polyphony from a truly staggering 192 oscillators, along with 8 MB of Kurzweil-quality ROM samples (basically a slightly modified version of the K2000 sound set), two SCSI ports, 240K of program RAM (expandable to 1250K), a 32-track pro-quality sequencer, 8 individual outs plus mix master, real-time DSP processor for live inputs with MIDI control capabilities, a super-fast 68340 Motorola processor, 200 ROM programs, 100 setups and 8 drum channels. Whew! The cost for all this? Just $4175 list.

You can, of course, easily upgrade the internal sample memory up to a truly astounding 128 megabytes using standard 30-pin Mac SIMMs. Then you can view your samples on the 2500's new 64x240 fluorescent display. You can also upgrade the unit's operating system from floppies or via modem from online bulletin boards. Or add the SMP-2 Advanced Sample Option (supporting "sample-while-play").

Does all this mean that your K2000 is obsolete? Hardly! The K2000 is still a current model anwill be in production for quite some time (after all, it's still one of the best-selling keyboards around). You might want to think of the K2500 as two K2000s on steroids in one convenient package. If you feel you can't live without a new K2500, well, we can't blame you. Your Sweetwater sales engineer will be happy to let you know current availabilities and give you your special pricing on this great new instrument. If you're a K2000 owner and want to trade up to a 2500, just give us a call and we'll work out the best possible deal on an upgrade package.

Of course, if you love your K2000 (who doesn't?) and just want some of the features available on the 2500, our Soundware Development Department has released the K2000>K2500 Custom Converter Disks, a software upgrade that sonically turns your K2000 into a 2500! Now we can't offer you 48-note polyphony or 8 drum channels (sorry), but we can load your K2000 up with all the advanced Programs, Keymaps and Setups resident on the 2500, as well as all the improved, ultra-clean effects (you'll hear the difference immediately). And once you've loaded this upgrade, you can access any K2500 Program and it will play perfectly from your K2000. Give us a call for detailed information and our special introductory price.


We know all you K2000 owners have been waiting for this (and very patiently, we might add), and the good news is that the Contemporary ROM Update ($395 list) is actually shipping now in limited quantities! You know those perfectionists at Kurzweil; they're not about to release a product until it's, well ...perfect! The Contemporary Block adds (among other things) new synths, clean and distorted electric guitars, clav, tone-wheel organ, muted trumpet, koto, and new percussion, including some killer ethnic sounds like tablas. So call your Sweetwater sales engineer right now for availability and your special pricing.

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