New Spirit Products

When the product designers at Spirit by Soundcraft decided to bring together the best of their critically-acclaimed console design with studio quality digital effects and British-designed audiophile amplification, they put their 25 years of experience to work and came up with a real winner: The Spirit Powerstation Powered Mixer. With a list price of $1599.95, the Powerstation is everything you'll ever need between stage and speakers in a single, super-rugged package. But you also get the kind of flexible, ultra-quiet performance that makes it right at home in the recording studio, too.

What's missing? Only the hiss, distortion and muddy reverb. The reason? Simple: The Powerstation ships with a high-spec 265 watt per side (RMS) stereo power amp that can drive just about any speakers, along with on-board digital effects processing created by industry leader, Lexicon. And of course, the Powerstation offers the kind of audio quality you'd expect from a company that specializes in professional mixing consoles.

The Powerstation has 8 mono and 2 stereo input channels, 18 total inputs including tape and effects returns, plus Spirit's exclusive "Bullet-proof" UltraMic preamp (which outperforms the input stages of consoles many times the price of the Powerstation) for stunning signal handling capability. There's also a 3-band EQ with the much sought-after "British-sound," featuring fully sweepable mid frequency control (cut or boost up to 15dB from 250Hz to 6kHz) on all mono channels, a 7-band precision dual graphic EQ, plus a high pass filter on inputs and subsonic filters on outputs. The 60mm custom designed channel faders offer even spread of gain and smooth response all the way to their maximum 100dB attenuation.

There are many other features — like a comprehensive built-in patchbay section — but these are far too numerous to detail here. What's most important is that the Spirit Powerstation is in a class all its own. So if you want or need the flexibility of a powered mixer with on board effects combined with the audio quality and dependability of all the Spirit line of mixers, you'll want to call us for more information and your special pricing on the Powerstation.

But maybe what you're looking for is an 8-channel, in-line mixer that combines the Spirit heritage of superb sound and rugged construction with the convenience of a portable, rackmount design. If so, then the Spirit ProTracker may be just what you're looking for. Weighing in at a sturdy (but manageable) 13.2 pounds, the ProTracker carries a suggested list price of $999.95, a lot less than you'd expect to pay for a mixer that offers all the features of this compact unit.

You can use the ProTracker for live recordings at a variety of venues without interfering (or being dependent upon) the "front-of-house" console. You can take ProTracker out on location, too, assuring you of the highest possible audio fidelity without the headaches involved with moving a full-size mixing console, as well as eliminating the audio trade-offs that used to be involved when carrying a less-than-pro-quality mixer into the field.

You can use your ProTracker as the main board in your in-home multitrack studio (it matches up great with many of today's affordable digital multitracks), then take it with you and use it as a live mixer for your live gigs. It even has Expand Out and Expand In ports so you can daisy chain ProTrackers in unlimited numbers in the event you need 16 or more channels of audio. Add a built-in limiter (ideal for both live and studio situations where you just can't be constantly adjusting levels to make sure the signal isn't clipping), switchable mic/line inputs with 48V phantom power, pre-fader Insert sends and returns plus a separate Auxiliary control for use with outboard effects units. ProTracker even features pro standard +4dBu XLR balanced outs for connection to practically any pro gear you can imagine. With a power supply that works in any country around the world, ProTracker frees you to make recordings anywhere you can take your multitrack.

We wish we had the space to tell you more about both the Spirit ProTracker and Powerstation. Fortunately, your Sweetwater sales engineer knows everything there is to know about both these exceptional units and they'd be more than happy to provide you with complete details, specs and your special low pricing on these or any of the fine Spirit line of mixers. So give us a call today!