Mackie's new SR24*4 ($1599 list) has been designed from the ground up to totally redefine the 24-input/4-bus mixer. Because Mackie specializes in mixers — they don't build mics or synths or multitracks — they were able to pack a phenomenal feature list into an extremely affordable, American-made mixing console, complete with the awesome sonic performance for which the company has become world renowned.

Incorporating the very latest in manufacturing technology plus Mackie's own proven horizontal, multichannel front circuit board design, the SR24*4 was designed to stand up to the rigors of day-in and day-out live sound reinforcement, yet still have the required dependability and pristine audio quality for professional studio applications as well.

Fact is, Mackie has always wanted to build a high quality, low-cost 24-channel/4-bus live sound mixer that's free from the constraints of rack mounting. So they began listening to the end users (like you) and Mackie dealers (like Sweetwater). They scrutinized the comments that arrived each day on thousands of warranty cards. Then they consulted dozens of live sound engineers and sound contractors. They made do with ridiculously small amounts of sleep and knocked back case after case of heavily caffeinated sodas... okay, we admit we made that last part up.

In short, they did everything to make sure that this new mixer incorporated every single feature that could possibly be packed in and still keep the beast at a list price that working musicians could actually afford — no small challenge. Then, in typical Mackie fashion, Greg Mackie himself added several more features and browbeat the engineering department into maintaining the same target price.

As if that weren't enough, the company went and built a brand new factory with 300% more space. But after all was said and done, neither high standard electronic specifications nor overall sound quality had been sacrificed. And thus was born the incredible new Mackie SR24*4, a true professional four-bus mic/line mixer with the performance of models costing several times as much.

Imagine: 24 channels (20 mic/line and 2 stereo line level ins), true 4 x 2 x 1 bus with mutes and PFL, 60mm logarithmic faders, versatile 3 and 4-band EQ, high headroom/low noise Mackie mic preamp with trim control and full phantom power. And most importantly, the kind of specs that you've come to expect from Mackie products.

We're sure you'll want to know more about this and other new Mackie products. So call your Sweetwa-ter sales engineer for complete details, as well as your special pricing on the SR24*4 or any of the other outstanding, innovative Mackie mixers.