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Soundware SceneBy Daniel Fisher, Director of Soundware Engineering

   So far, 1998 is proving to be a banner year for Sweetwater for many reasons. My favorite landmark so far is when Sweetwater officially exhibited at NAMM for the very first time (although we've been attending NAMM for 18 years).

   Our NAMM booth was centered around a fully loaded K2000 with a CD-ROM drive filled with all of our Soundware products, which I played through a pair of Genelecs and a pair of Mackie monitors. Talk about fidelity and power to spare! It was a pleasure for me to be there, and I can tell you first hand that we sold tons Digital Audio Reference CDof our critically-acclaimed CD-ROM sample libraries. Since we received a perfect score for our sound quality and programming in both Keyboard and Electronic Musician last year, many people would stop by, anxious to hear our Ultimate Guitars CD-ROM. In most cases, these same people would leave with a copy of this disc, as well as one or two other titles, like our latest, Stereo Session Drums. Space prevents me from detailing all the positive responses we received on our sounds. Suffice it to say we almost ran out of discs by the end of the show.

   The booth also gave us the opportunity to meet many of the job applicants from the West Coast who were interested in joining the winning Sweetwater team. It was encouraging to meet so many people who were ready to get serious about their careers.

   Back on the home front, the Soundware Development Facility is proud to announce our Digital Audio Reference CD, which is a part of our Sweetwater exclusive ProStart series. This disc was designed to be a veritable "Swiss Army Knife" for digital and analog audio calibration, as well as a troubleshooting tool for your entire audio system. (It's also a fun way to test the upper limits of your ears and equipment.)

   These test reference signals were originally created for our ADAT and TASCAM 8-track Digital Reference Tapes, which are also part of our ProStart packages. After a flurry of requests (and more than a few demands), we have now digitally converted all of these reference signals into a 2-track audio CD which we call the Sweetwater Digital Audio Reference CD ($149 Retail). This CD will be bundled with many of our high-end products like digital mixers, MiniDisc recorders, and monitors as part of a ProStart package designed especially for each product type. Ask your Sales Engineer for more specifics on these valuable ProStart bonuses.

   One interesting note: All of the reference signals on the ADAT and TASCAM Reference Tapes, as well as the Reference CD were created entirely on a Kurzweil K2500 Synthesizer and transmitted digitally to DAT. The Kurzweil is unique in that all of its parameters are measured in true, accurate scientific units like Hertz, dB, milliseconds, and cents. Many other synthesizer/samplers use arbitrary units like 0-99 or 0-127 which would have made the creation of these test signals tougher and not nearly as accurate.

   And speaking of Kurzweil, have you heard about our exclusive SW_K2B3? It's a 9-Drawbar B-3 emulator that works on any K2000 or K2500! That's right, you K2000 owners can now experience the thrill of playing realistic B-3 sounds while sliding any or all of the 9 Drawbars just like the K2500 owners. This can be achieved with any MIDI slider box or computer based faders. And the best part is that Sweetwater is giving this amazing "K2B3" Program away free to all of our loyal customers. You can find it and other B-3 related files on our Web site at: "http://www.sweetwater.com/k2000/sw-k2b3/".

   In closing, I would like to invite all Kurzweil fanatics to check out the upcoming May Issue of Keyboard magazine. Along with a full NAMM Report, you will find a K2000/K2500 Hot Tips article written by yours truly. There will even be some free giveaway Programs on their Keyboard Central Web site. And, if you happen to have access to a copy of the recent January Electronic Musician, you will definitely want to check out an article called "Too Much FUN" which is based on questions our Technical Support Team receives from our valued customers. After reading these articles, we hope you'll see exactly why Sweetwater is universally considered to be the industry leader in technical product expertise.

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