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Digi Tour '98 Hits The Road

   It should come as no surprise, but Sweetwater Sound has officially become one of the largest Digidesign dealers in all of North America. Just one of the reasons for this success is that we have been traveling throughout the Midwest helping thousands of customers discover first hand the many advantages of owning Digidesign's Pro Tools family of products.

   Sweetwater is proud to present the 1998 Pro Tools Regional Tour which will be held in upcoming weeks in cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Chicago and Nashville. This year we are proud to be showing Pro Tools|24. This is a full 24-bit version of the critically acclaimed Pro Tools TDM series of digital audio workstations. It features Version 4 of the Pro Tools software along with a 24-bit input/output interface for incredibly detailed

Our DigiTours help musicians grasp the true power of Pro Tools|24
Our DigiTours help musicians grasp the true power of Pro Tools|24

audio. Pro Tools now uses the SCSI bus of the Power Macintosh to allow up to 32 tracks of recording/playback simultaneously and it is expandable to a whopping 72 inputs and outputs! The track count can also be upgraded to 64, and perhaps beyond in the near future. With almost a hundred third-party devel-opers now writing plug-ins and additional software for Pro Tools, this system literally cannot be compared to any other hard-disk recording system or DAW.

   This year, we are being joined at each of our sessions by one of Digidesign's top product specialists. These people have been amazingly helpful in showing off the newest features and answering even the most complex questions. We have been addressing the different levels of Pro Tools users by offering two shows each day, one for those who are just beginning to use Pro Tools (or seriously considering it) and another for the so-called "power user." This is very cool, because it means that experienced Pro Tools customers won't have to sit through lots of questions they already know the answers to, while the novice user won't find themselves overwhelmed with information.

   The entry level class and basic overview demonstration in each city is typically held at 4 PM (local time), followed by an advanced demonstration at 7 PM for those who wish to see the latest hardware and software improvements and the newest plug-in products. Each session is about 90 minutes in length and offers an extended Q&A period to make sure everybody understands all the many benefits of the Pro Tools|24 Computer-based Recording System.

   One of the items that has been creating a lot of additional excitement is the Mackie HUI (or Human User Interface, $3499 list) which gives Pro Tools 4.1 The Mackie HUIsoftware a hands-on control surface for enhanced tracking and mixing with full automation and touch-updatable motorized faders. The unit was also a hit at the Winter NAMM Show and has a feature list that would take several pages to detail here. Suffice it to say that you are going to be reading a lot more about this beauty in upcoming issues of Sweet Notes.

   If you already know about Digidesign's Pro Tools family of computer-based workstations, you will definitely want to see the new Pro Tools|24 in action. If you are not familiar with Pro Tools, but think that a computer-based workstation might fit into your future plans, you will be stunned by the incredible power and functionality of these products. Please call your Sales Engineer for information on the specific location, date and time we will be in a city near you. If you can't make it to one of our shows, you can still get all the information you need on the full line of Pro Tools products (and even our great low Tour pricing) from your friendly Sales Engineer - it's as simple as picking up the phone and giving us a call!

   One last important item: If you own a NuBus Mac and want Pro Tools power and performance without having to buy a new Mac, we still have some factory refurbished Pro Tools III 16-bit systems in stock. You can get a superb CD quality, 16-track system right now at a savings of $3,000! This is a killer deal, but it will only be available as long as our limited supplies last, so call now.

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