Roland V-Guitar System:
a New Era in Guitar Technology

In the beginning, guitar players had all the fun. They were out in front, thrilling audiences with their pyrotechnics while the keyboard player sat in the back and played along on his or her Farfisa portable organ (yawn) or Wurlitzer electric piano. Then along came synthesis, sampling and MIDI, and suddenly keyboard players had access to all manner of exotic sounds not available to guitar players. Most guitarists who tried playing MIDI guitars were frustrated by triggering delays, limited sound libraries and worse, tracking errors that turned many a great solo into meaningless musical mush.

Today, with the introduction of the Roland VG-8 V-Guitar System, the guitar player at last has access to an incredible array of sounds, along with the virtual elimination of tracking problems that plagued earlier systems. Any guitar equipped with a Roland GK-2A Pickup ($250 list) can be used (that's right — any guitar!), as well as any high quality MIDI guitar (like the outstanding Godin Multiac featured on page one).

At the heart of the VG-8 is Roland's new, cutting edge Composite Object Sound Modeling (COSM) technology. If you think that sounds impressive, wait until you actually plug in your MIDI guitar and play this puppy! The VG-8 operates in two modes: Harmonic Restructure Modeling (HRM), which restructures the guitar signal into completely new and unique sounds, and Variable Guitar Modeling (VGM), which allows the VG-8 to generate a vast, impressive array of standard guitar sounds. Need a Strat through a Fender Showman? The VG-8 can do it. Or how about a Les Paul through a Marshall? Or a Les Paul with two single coil out-of-phase pickups? Just call 'em up. Yes, it's as easy as that.

And the VG-8 doesn't just paint in broad sonic brushstrokes; it's capable of a tremendous range of subtle timbral changes as well, like various pickup selections, configurations and placements, all with uncanny realism. With this amazing module, you can even recreate the sound of any amp along with your choice of mics and even mic placement. All of which means you no longer need to own three or four different guitars, each of which provides a specific sound from surf to grunge. A single MIDI guitar paired with the astounding VG-8 can do it all!

Plus (and this is a huge plus), the VG-8 features an awesome variety of polyphonic effects (per string!) like independent pitch shifting for instant 12-string guitar, open tunings and even bass guitar emulation.

And wait, there's more. How about an integral high speed digital signal processor with built-in digital effects like reverb, hexa-pan, chorus, delay and parametric EQ — all available simultaneously.

Right about now you'll be wanting to know what the heck a thing like this costs? We think you'll be surprised to learn that the VG-8 V-Guitar System carries a list price of just $2695. And, of course, you probably know by now that we'd never allow you to pay list price for anything this cool (or any other product we carry for that matter!).

The bottom line is this: guitarists can now produce just about any sound imaginable while maintaining the expression, control and playing nuances inherent to the instrument. So if you've been waiting for somebody to do the MIDI guitar thing right, we'd suggest you call us immediately for additional information on the fantastic VG-8!