By Daniel Fisher, Chief Soundware Engineer

One of the more pleasant things you'll be hearing this holiday season is the delicate tinkling of Christmas Tree Bells

. These little bells are usually struck by tiny plastic figurines who never seem to know more than a handful of songs. So, I thought it would be fun to emulate them on the Kurzweil K2000 / K2500 and create my own holiday song list.

I found that the Mickey Mouse version had the most bells, so I brought them to our Sweetwater Recording Studio and sampled each bell with an AKG 414 mic. Using VAST, I was able to get nice panning tricks to create a 3-D image. Then, after the Christmas Tree Bells programs were made, I sequenced arrangements of my favorite holiday songs and saved the entire file as XMASBELZ.KRZ.

The end result was even better than I'd hoped. On behalf of everyone here at Sweetwater Sound, we would love to share this file with you. The simplest way to get these samples and their sequencer files is to log on to the Internet and access our Worldwide Web Home Page. If you don't have access to our Web Site, we'd be happy to send you this file on floppy. Simply pick up the phone, call your Sweetwater sales engineer and tell them you need a copy.

If the season puts you in a giving mood, we'd warmly accept any new songs created using these Bells. Just send the Song data (we don't need the samples) either as a Standard MIDI File or Krz Song file by e-mail or mail us a floppy. We'll gather all the songs and offer them to everyone on our Web Site and via our K2000 mailing list. Happy holidays!