Are you the kind of person who knows that, if given a chance, you would succeed? If so we would love to give you that chance!

Okay, so you are probably saying to yourself, "They must want me to sweep floors or something. I want to learn everything there is to know about pro audio gear. How will I ever be able to learn anything if I'm pushing a broom?"

Well, let me put your mind at ease. We want you to become one of the most knowledgeable gear hounds in this business and we are willing to provide the environment and tools to help make it happen, plus we will pay you along the way.

"TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE," you say? It's not only true, it may be one of the best opportunities in the music industry. In the past I have hired graduates (most finishing top of their class) from the best music programs in the country. The more experience and/or education you have the better, but first we look at your desire.

So now you're probably wondering, "What will I be doing that would be worth getting paid for, and what happens to me after I learn the things I need to know?" Easy! We want you to assist our senior sales consultants (Grammy award winners, mastering engineers, college professors, broadcasters, etc.) and eventually join our team of sales professionals here at Sweetwater.

It isn't easy and the demands and expectations are great, but if you have the desire and potential, and all you need is one foot in the door to prove yourself, please give me a call at 219/432-8176. All conversations will be confidential.

Kent Williams
Vice President/ Director of Sales Marketing
Sweetwater Sound, Inc.