GODIN MULTIAC DUET - Hot on the heels of their critically-acclaimed Multiac MIDI Guitar, Godin has added two new members to the Multiac family, the Duet Nylon and Steel. The popular look of the Multiac remains, but on the electronics side, Godin has added a newly-designed L.R. Baggs Duet system, a brilliant marriage of microphone, ribbon transducer and Bagg's most sophisticated onboard preamp yet. XLR and standard phone outs are both included. Using a stereo Y-cable, you can split the mic and ribbon transducer signals, great for stereo effects and signal routings. Prices for the Duet were unavailable at press time. Call for your special pricing.

OPCODE SYSTEMS has begun shipping a major upgrade to its innovative Macintosh MIDI sequencing software, STUDIO VISION PRO. This upgrade adds several new breakthrough features to what is already an award-winning program, including full compatibility with Pro Tools and TDM. Of most interest will probably be the Audio-to-MIDI function which can turn a digital audio recording of a single musical voice into MIDI pitch data, including accurate pitch bend and modulation. Can't play a flute? Just sing the notes you want to hear, then send the MIDI out to a sampler with a great flute sample and there you are! The MIDI-to-Audio function works in reverse and allows you to edit MIDI pitches and durations, then convert the data back into the audio file they were derived from. It's truly awesome. For upgrade pricing and availability, give your Sweetwater sales engineer a call today.

PARAMOUNT ACOUSTICS ULTRAX FOAMS - Top broadcasters, studio engineers and facility designers know there's no better way to absorb unwanted sound than with top-quality acoustic foam such as ULTRAX from Paramount Acoustics. Don't let undesirable reflections ruin your monitoring. Ultrax comes in four thicknesses and the widest range of colors in the industry and it works up to 60% better than other brands, yet the price is extremely reasonable. So call or e-mail your sales engineer for specifics and current pricing.

DRUM TRAX VERSION 2 - Want to create real feel rhythm tracks instantly? Drum Trax Version 2 is an amazing collection of professional drum patterns for just about any sequencer program. Over 12,000 measures of MIDI file drum performances, hundreds of grooves from 14 different categories are included, all played by real, live drummers for the ultimate in realism. Prices for Drum Trax start at $99, depending on your sequencer format. There's even a new WORLD TRAX Collection for those of you in a more global mode.

RAXXESS MONITOR STANDS are now shipping. These stands are ideal for any studio and are constructed of medium density fiber board and finished in attractive, durable Zolotone techno paint. The bottom easily removes to allow the four inch by four inch center post to be filled with sand for acoustic de-coupling. The 36" high SS-36 carries a suggested list price of just $164.95 per pair, while the 42" SS-42 lists at $174.95 per pair. Get those monitors up where they belong and away from the walls with Raxxess!