Are you searching for an ultra high quality, dependable wireless mic for your live gigs? Or is it a studio mic with all the specs you're looking for, but at a price you can actually afford? In either case, we've got you covered.

Both the new Audio-Technica ATW-1031 System with UniPak Transmitter and the ATW-1032 Hand-held System compete head-to-head in both cost-effectiveness and flat-out performance with the best wireless mics currently available. The ATW-1031 includes the UniPak body-worn transmitter and your choice of nine popular Audio-Technica mics, from lavaliers and podium mics to head-worn mics and even miniature instrument mics. The UniPak can even accept guitars and other high-impedance sources.

The ATW-1032 Hand-held system assures you of superb sound quality and flexibility with three specially-designed microphone capsules: a standard unidirectional, a Hi-energy hypercardioid dynamic and a condenser for critical musical or vocal applications.

At the heart of both A-T wireless systems is a sophisticated automatic diversity receiver with two antennas, two independent RF inputs and a super sophisticated switching system that eliminates the multi-path distortion and dropouts that plague many other systems. It can be used free-standing or rack mounted and the entire system operates in the VHF high band, available in 15 crystal-controlled frequencies. Excellent selectivity and noise rejection permit full use of up to nine channels simultaneously.

A-T Wireless Systems start at a surprising $269.95 list, but we know you'll be wanting to talk to your Sweetwater sales engineer for specific recommendations and pricing for the configuration that matches your particular application.

But let's say you're like lots of other musicians who don't play live. Your gig is in the studio and you need a quality mic (or several mics) that will deliver solid performance in a wide range of situations, from clean, powerful vocals, to intimate, detailed acoustic instrument performances. Oh, and did we mention that this mic also needs to stand up to the sound pressure levels delivered by a screaming rock guitar or full drum set? If so, you might be looking for the new Crown CM-700 Microphone.

With a list price of just $289, you might think this mic can't possibly deliver the sonic performance you need, but the truth is, the CM-700 stacks up quite favorably to mics costing more than twice as much. With its cardioid, back-electret condenser design, wide frequency response and high input before overload, the CM-700 delivers crisp, clean sound in even the most demanding situations. A three-position roll-off switch (flat, low-cut, roll-off) makes it ideal for micing everything from vocals to bass guitars.

Any way you look at it, the CM-700 is an exceptional performer from a company that knows how to build microphones. It even comes with Crown's unconditional three-year warranty. So give your Sweetwater sales engineer a call for more about the Crown CM-700, as well as your special pricing. It's well worth checking out!