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What are some of the key features of the new Cakewalk Sonar 4?

Key features:
¥ Record, edit, arrange and mix unlimited tracks of audio and MIDI
¥ Cutting edge mixing environment with Dynamic Console view; per-channel EQ; assignable FX controls; Universal Bus Architecture; 32-Bit floating point audio engine; full plug-in delay compensation
¥ Powerful looping tools with Cyclone DXi, ACID loop and MIDI groove clip support
¥ Support for DirectX and VST audio effects; DXi and VSTi soft synths; and ReWire 1.0& 2.0 clients
¥ Includes Sonitus:fx suite and Lexicon® Pantheon™ Reverb (stereo version)
¥ Advanced MIDI routing& synth layering
¥ Support for any MIDI compatible control surface
¥ Multi-port MTC and MIDI sync transmission
¥ Professional Project File Management Tools: per project audio directories; consolidate project files for fast backup; search for associated files
¥ OMFI and Broadcast WAV import/export for collaboration with other studios
¥ Support for all Windows-compatible audio hardware via ASIO or WDM
¥ TTS-1 multitimbral GM2 DXi synthesizer with authentic Roland® sounds
¥ POW-r dithering for ultra-high-quality bit reduction
¥ MPEX time scaling
¥ Configurable meter ballistics
¥ Support for multiple pan laws
¥ Audio engine optimization
¥ Multi-format surround mixing and editing with over 30 configurations supported (5.1, 7.1, LCRS, etc)
¥ Exclusive Lexicon® Pantheon™ Surround Reverb
¥ Sonitus Surround Compressor
¥ SurroundBridge™ to easily use stereo plug-ins in a multichannel environment
¥ Video Thumbnail track
¥ QuickTime, Windows Media Video (with 5.1 audio), Windows Media Audio Pro, AVI video (with 5.1 audio) support
¥ Support for external surround encoders new precision engineering technologies
¥ Track Folders with Mute, Solo Record, Archive on track folders, as well as the ability to select, cut-copy-paste, move, slip-edit and split a track folder composite clip
¥ Loop record into layers or individual tracks
¥ Enhanced comping and editing features including clip muting, partial-clip muting, audition selection, isolate, nudge, multi-clip slip edits, auto-crop tool with crossfade
¥ Loop construction enhancements including slice-based envelope control of gain, pitch, pan
¥ Freeze tracks, effects, and synths; edit, arrange, and convert frozen data into groove clips
¥ Scalable Navigator view to quickly navigate projects and size viewable area
¥ Key Bindings presets; templates to use keystrokes from other DAWs
¥ Busable audio metronome-create sends easily for different monitor mixes, with mute/volume/pan automation
¥ JMT Orchestrator Lite MFX plug-in new surround and A/V mixing and delivery

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