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What are the Shortcut Quick Keys for Reason?

Here is a list of some of the quick key options in Reason 2.0. These are the typical shortcut keystrokes, but there are many many more keystrokes that can speed up the operation of Reason.

[Tab] Toggle Rack front/ rear.
[Command]/[ Ctrl]+[ 1] Maximize/ restore Rack.
[Command]/[ Ctrl]+[ 2] Maximize/ restore Sequencer.
[Command]/[ Ctrl]+[ N] Create new Song.
[Command]/[ Ctrl]+[ O] Open Song.
[Command]/[ Ctrl]+[ S] Save Song.
[Command]/[ Ctrl]+[ W] Close Song.
[Command]/[ Ctrl]+[ I] Display Song Information.
[Command]/[ Ctrl]+[ Q] Quit.
[Command]/[ Ctrl]+[ Z] Undo.
[Command]/[ Ctrl]+[ Y] Redo.
[Del] Delete.
[Command]/[ Ctrl]+[ A] Select All.
[Command]/[ Ctrl]+[ L] Show/ hide cables.
[Command]/[ Ctrl]+[ F] Follow Song on/ off.
[Command]/[ Ctrl]+[ B] Browse Patches for selected device.

You can visit http://dynamo.propellerheads.se/reason25beta/bug_board/index.cfm? for a list of more quick keys.

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