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What are the most frequently asked questions about the 828? FAQ

Wanna Get Going Really Quick?

Everyone at Sweetwater wants to make sure you’re able to enjoy your new gear as quickly as possible, so we have included the most common questions our technical support division receives on your 828. All it takes is a few minutes to read the following Hot Tech Tips to potentially save yourself hours of down time and frustration!

Can I use a 4-pin Firewire with MOTU 828?
MOTU provides a standard 6-pin FW cable with the 828. However, if you purchase your own 6-pin to 4-pin FW cable, you can directly interface the 828 with laptops that have 4-pin Firewire connections.

Why am I having problems with my 828 and NEC chip on PCI/PCMCIA firewire cards?
There’s an incompatibility between the NEC chip found in some Firewire cards and the 828. This chip also exists inside of some PC’s with built in firewire. If the 828 installer warns you that you’re running a Firewire card with the NEC chip, you should replace said card with a card that uses the TI (Texas Instruments) chip. Keyspan cards use the TI chip.

Can I connect and use multiple 828’s?
Sorry, you can only use a single 828.

How do I “Enable Full Wave Support” box in the Windows Consoles?
The “Enable full Wave support for legacy (MME) software (Less efficient)” box must be checked when running recording/sequencing software that is not optimized to support WDM with a MOTU audio interface. As of this writing, only Cakewalk’s Sonar supports WDM. This box has no affect on ASIO applications. Be aware when not checked that outputs will not be seen as channelized pairs when viewed in the Windows multimedia Control Panel, yet they will appear independently in applications such as Sonar.

Can I use Firewire Drives as a record and playback destination for Digital Audio?
MOTU tested Glyph Project Firewire drives. At max input/output, the 828 use less than 100Mbps (less than 1/4 full Firewire bandwidth, 400Mbps). Assuming the FW drive has acceptable multimedia specs, there’s no reason why you couldn’t use it as a record and playback destination for digital audio.

Can I direct monitor a mono or stereo analog signal?
The MOTU 828 can direct monitor (with zero latency) a mono or stereo analog signal. If you wish, you can monitor more than one input simultaneously by disabling direct hardware playthrough, and monitoring the input though the host software sequencer. For example, in Digital Performer’s Input Monitoring mode, set ‘Monitor record-enabled tracks through effects.’ Then you can patch thru multiple audio input sources.

Why do I have Optical LED activity on 828 even when the optical bank is not configured?
Optical LED output activity may be visible on the 828 even when the optical bank is not configured, and there is no optical signal. This is a known symptom of the version 1.0 828 Mac driver and enabler. MOTU has updated the Mac driver and enabler to correct this. Update 828 Driver and Enabler is available on the MOTU Website.

Why does my System Lock-up w/ASUS CUV4X-D motherboards?
The ASUS CUV4X-D motherboard seems to lock Win2K up hard at random intervals with no warning and no error messages. The BIOS will sometimes, but not every time, report an error message stating that the “system has hung due to an improper CPU speed setting”. This is not unique to MOTU’s PCI-324 card.

The solution:

1)Change the PCI Latency value in the BIOS to ZERO.

2) Install the VIA 686B Southbridge Latency patch available at
http://www.viahardware.com VIA 686B Southbridge Latency Patch available on the MOTU Website.

Are there any problems with Firewire and Cardbus Cards, MOTU 828?
Some PCI Firewire and Cardbus Cards work just fine with the MOTU 828. However, MOTU has discovered some problems in Firewire cards that use NEC type chips. We’ve specifically found problems using Orange Micro and Western Digital cards. We recommend cards that use Texas Instrument or Lucent chips. Specific cards that we have tested an okayed are Keyspan & ADS Pyro (uses TI) and Sonnet Tango (uses Lucent). Check with your card or cardbus vendor on chip type before purchasing a Firewire card for use with 828.

Still need help?

And… Since we are the only music retailer to offer unlimited tech support to our customers, feel free to give us a call at (800) 222-4700 extension 6400 if you have any additional questions that are not covered in your manual. That’s just another way we deliver “The Sweetwater Difference.”

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