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What features are not supported in SONAR 5 x64 Edition at this time?

* ReWire support for 32-bit clients like Project 5 V2, Reason 2, and Fruity Loops
* 32-bit DirectX plug-ins
* DreamStation DXi2
* MPEX time/pitch stretching. A 64-bit library is not available for the MPEX time/pitch stretching algorithm, so this feature is not supported in SONAR x64. SONAR’s internal time/pitch stretching will be used instead.
* Microsoft has yet to provide x64 codecs for the following formats, so they are not yet supported:
* MP3 import
* Windows Media Video import/export
* Apple has yet to release QuickTime for Windows x64, so QuickTime import/export is not yet supported. Note: MPG 1 movie files can be imported.