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What is the difference between IK Multimedia’s ARC and other room correction EQ systems?

ARC is powered by Audyssey MultEQ®, a breakthrough room correction technology that takes an innovative approach at measurement and correction that other room correction EQ systems do not:

1. MultEQ® allows you to measure multiple positions in your room to make a much wider sweet spot. Many systems only correct for one seat in the room. This typically makes other seats in the room sound worse because a single measurement does not provide an accurate representation of the problems of the entire room.

2. MultEQ® measures your room using advanced proprietary methods perfected with years of extensive research from the Audyssey team. MultEQ® looks at patterns in the time domain responses and classifies them into clusters based on the similarities in those patterns, typically in 3-5 groups. A representative response is created from each cluster, and a final response is then created from grouping the representatives. The few EQ systems that do correct for multiple positions simply average the measurement results. This tends to gloss over common acoustical problems and not fix them properly.

3. MultEQ® corrects for both time and frequency domain problems, which solves many of the problems that have plagued room correction EQ systems since their inception. Other EQ systems only correct for frequency domain problems, which leaves the time domain to cause phase distortion and smearing.

4. One of the other benefits of ARC with MultEQ® is that it identifies the limits of the loudspeaker performance and does not apply correction beyond those limits. This is particularly important in the low frequencies where other systems may overcorrect and potentially damage the speakers.

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