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What DAW applications will the Tascam FireOne interface and control surface work with?

The Tascam FireOne is both a audio interface and control surface. As an audio interface it will work with any application that sees and ASIO driver. In order for the FireOne to work as a controller, your DAW has to be able to communicate with a control surface via Mackie Control or HUI. Some DAW applications like Sony’s Sound Forge do not have the ability to work with a control surface. Below is a list of applications that the FireOne will work with as a control surface. (These applications all see Mackie Control or HUI controllers)

Ableton Live 6.04 and higher
Cubase 3.02 and higher
Nuendo 3.02 and higher
SONAR 5 and higher
Logic Pro
Final Cut Pro
Pro Tools
Digital Performer 5 and higher

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