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What is Acronis True Image? How do I use it?

Acronis True Image is a complete system back-up utility we include for restoring the Creation Station to its original state, or to a state made with an image later on. It works by taking a compressed bit-by-bit snapshot of a drive, and storing it in a proprietary format to a separate location on the system. The OEM version we include pre-installed on the Creation Station line stores this image into a hidden partition on the system drive. It also includes a key prompt that allows access to the partiton. This is what the “Press F-11” screen is all about. In case Windows ever becomes corrupt and unbootable (either from virus activity, file damage from a power outage, etc.), pressing F-11 and restoring will take it back a fully-functioning state in minutes.

Acronis True Image also allows you to create your own images from within Windows. If you complete a major installation, for example, and would rather not re-do it should something catastrophic happen later, ou can launch and register Acronsi True Image from Windows, and capture your own images at any time.

Please see the Tutorials section of the Creation Station Resource Center for detaile dinstructions on using Acronis True Image.

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