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Updating the Operating System on the Motif ES

IMPORTANT: A backup of ALL user data should be performed BEFORE this update procedure is executed.

Items Required to Perform this Update:

* A blank SmartMedia™ card (3.3V, 8MB or larger)
* A computer equipped with a SmartMedia™ Card Reader/Writer.

NOTE: SmartMedia™ cards and the SmartMedia™ Card Reader/Writer are available at most computer stores, or online at www.MOTIFator.com, a third party support and forum website for users of the Yamaha Motif Series Music Production Synthesizers.

1. Download the latest Operating System update for the Motif ES from www.motifator.com (click ENTER / MOTIF MART / FILES AND SOFTWARE).
2. Unzip the downloaded file using the program ‘Winzip’ (available from www.winzip.com if not already on computer).
3. Using a SmartMedia™ Card Reader/Writer attached to the computer, save the file, ‘0745OS_.PGM’ to a blank Smart Media Card (8MB minimum).
4. Power on the MOTIF ES while holding the [REC] and [STORE] buttons.
5. Release these buttons, then press the [ENTER] button.
CAUTION: DO NOT turn OFF the MOTIF ES, remove the SmartMedia™ card or press any buttons or keys while the update is in progress.

6. Reboot the MOTIF ES after the new Operating System has been installed.
IMPORTANT: It is recommended that a Factory Reset be performed after updating.

Factory Reset Procedure:

1. Hold the [REC] and [REMOTE] buttons while turning on the MOTIF ES. The ‘MOTIF ES Test Program’ screen is displayed.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT release the [REC] and [REMOTE] buttons until the screen appears; it takes several seconds.

2. Confirm that the latest version number ‘Firm Ver:x.xx’ is displayed in the upper portion of the screen.
3. Press the [STORE] button. The Factory Reset routine will execute and the data is set back to the factory default settings.
4. Press the [YES] button to exit the Test Program.
IMPORTANT: ALL user data should be reloaded to the MOTIF.

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