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Troubleshooting/Changing Tubes on a Tube Amp (video)

If you’re experiencing strange noises or no signal from your tube amp, chances are you’ve got a bad tube. Follow along with this video to try to isolate your problem. If the problem is a tube, this video will also instruct you how to properly  change it.

WARNING: When dealing with tube amps, you may need to expose some of the amp circuit in order to get to the tubes. At any given time, a point of contact in the circuit could be holding a high amount of voltage. It is recommended that you unplug the amp and let it sit for at least 15 minutes to allow any charged components to discharge. It is also recommended that you wear some sort of rubber glove for extra protection. Please be sure to have the amplifier turned off and unplugged when touching anything inside the amp.

*Before you begin, please have your amplifier manual in front of you to reference information about your tubes. If you don’t have a manual, they can usually be found online at the manufacturer’s website. 


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Troubleshooting/Changing Tubes on a Tube Amp (video)

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