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I was told to upgrade my version of Windows XP to Service Pack 2 but Service Pack 3 is available. Which should I get?

Now that Microsoft has released Service Pack 3 for Windows XP, when you attempt to use the Windows Update feature it will automatically download Service Pack 3 as this is now the most current update. However, since most manfactures have not approved Service Pack 3 for their audio programs, it is best to install Service Pack 2 for Windows XP Home and Pro.

Service Pack 2 can be downloaded directly from Microsoft’s website by using the link below. This download is the complete Service Pack 2 installer which can then be burned to a CD or stored on a flash driveif needed. (That is why it is labeled “For IT Professionals only.”)
*Warning* SP2 is appx. 267MB and may take a while to download.

Download Win XP Service Pack 2

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