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Microphone Month 2


Are there any recommendations for motherboard chipsets for the new MOTU PCI-424 based system including the HD192, 2408mk3, and 24io? Are the VIA chipsets still a problem?

We strongly recommend Intel Pentium-3 and Pentium-4 computers and corresponding Intel chipsets due to Intel setting the standards for the PCI bus and architecture of the PC. Virtually any chipset from the 440bx to the 810/815 to the 845/850 chipset is known to be good, and the newer chipsets will likely be even better (at the time of this article, there is little information on compatability available).

And as with the 2408mk2 PCI-324 series, you should avoid VIA and SIS chipsets at all cost, they are known to have many unresolvable problems from hardware not installing properly to clicks and pops.

To be safe, in any audio workstation, always spend the little extra bit to get what’s tried and true, Intel.

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