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How do I sync the clock of the AW2816/4416 with the song clock of the Kurzweil

From the Kurzweil: after you’ve recorded your song

In the SONG mode
1) Hit the MISC key
2) Find the SYNC parameter and change it to RECV
3) Find the CLOCK parameter and change it to EXT
4) hit the MAIN key
5) hit the PLAY key
If you’ve done this right, at the right hand corner you should see the words EXT CLOCK. That means that the Kurzweil is in an external waiting clocks…

From the AW unit:

In the UNIT section
1) hit the MIDI key
2) scroll over to the MMC mose section
3) choose the MASTER mode by scrolling to MASTER and hitting Enter
4) hit the F2 button which brings you to the MDIpage 2
5) there should be a box that says MTC on/off – cursor over to that box and turn it ON by pressing ENTER

then go back to your opening page and hit the play button and the Kurzweil should begin it’s sequence.. slaved to the clock of the AW