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Sweetwater GAIA Patches – Phrases not playing!

If you are having trouble playing the phrases from your Sweetwater GAIA SH-01 Exclusive patches, it may be because you’re trying to play them directly from the USB stick. Phrases cannot be played from USB.

What you need to do is upload them into the USER BANK. See the instructions below or the hard copy that should have come with your patches when you purchased them.

Installing Sweetwater’s GAIA SH-01 Bonus Instruments:

  1. Insert the thumb drive into the GAIA
  2. Hold down the buttons labeled TONE COPY and USB MEMORY PATCH
  3. While still holding those buttons, press the WRITE button once
  4. The CANCEL and WRITE buttons will now blink.
  5. Press the WRITE button to copy the files from the thumb drive over to the GAIA’s internal USER BANK
  6. Wait until all eight red LEDs go out before doing anything else

You have now successfully installed your Sweetwater GAIA SH-01 Bonus Instruments. Enjoy!


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