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Specific recommendations for working with different PC soundcards and chip sets and Pro Tools Free 5.01.

Sound Blaster ProblemsShould also be used only at a 48kHz sample rate. Recent Sound Blaster cards drift about 490 samples for 60 seconds of playback at 44.1. Buffer Size should be set at 8k (the highest setting) for best results. Diamond Monster MX400 The Diamond Monster MX400 exhibits a sample clock drift phenomenon similar to that of the Sound Blaster Live – except much worse. The Monster drifts ~5987 samples – nearly 136 milliseconds for every 60 seconds of playback. Should also be used only at a sample rate of 48kHz. Only the highest hardware buffer size will work. Event Electronics GinaTesting with this card has shown that large hardware buffer sizes are not necessary for successful operation. We have had success with hardware buffer sizes as low as 256. This greatly reduces monitoring latency as well as control sluggishness that is associated with higher hardware buffer size settings. Montego and Aureal soundcards do not work well with Pro Tools FREE 5.0.1. Ego-Systems Waveterminal U2A USB audio interface has not performed well with Pro Tools FREE 5.0.1.

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