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How do I sing along while playing the piano?

How do I sing along while playing the piano?

1. Connect a mic to the AD input and use Performance mode.
Use the following procedure to make Performance mode settings.
(1) In Performance mode, select the desired performance.

(2) Press JOB, select INITIALIZE, choose “CURRENT PERFORM,” and press ENTER->YES.
*This initializes the selected performance, and a piano sound will be selected for parts other
than PART 10=drums.

(3) Press EDIT.

(4) Rotate knob A to access the “PART AD” page, use knob B to change Audio->Mic (to use a
mic with the A/D INPUT), and use knob C to change Off->Mic or Reverb. (You can also select
a setting with effects already applied.)

(5) Rotate knob A to access the “PART 01” page, use the PAGE knob to access the MIX Vce
page, and use knobs B/C to select the desired sound.

(6) Store. Press the STORE button, verify the store destination, and press ENTER->YES.

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